Anyone wearing the Philips hearing aids?


If so, how’s it going? Curious… I spoke to a Costco audiologist who told me the software was like the Bernafon software …

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Yep, my fitter said they are essentially the Bernafons with a couple things being different.



This kinda confirms my suspicion that Bernafon and Sonic share the same processing technology.



100% marketing by Costco and Demant. They are Bernafon with different ink.

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At first rumor, this created interest with me as the Oticon OPN processes sound “differently”.

If the Philips aid had been a de-featured OPN using that different processing technology, and as I do not live in Oticon’s price range - then I would certainly at least consider looking at the Philips to see if different was better.

Well, it is not.