Anyone wear RITE while riding a motorcycle?

Wondering with a 3/4 helmet if they would fall out?

I am not sure what RITE is, but I wear BTE with a half helmet and all is good…

I’m not sure if I would consider wearing a RITE on a bike. A BTE has a better or more secure fit due to the earmold locking into the bowl of the ear. A RITE just has a very light hearing aid with a thin tube and a small thin piece of plastic holding it on. Hearing aids are expensive, I won’t even wear expensive eye glasses while I ride.

I would also wonder about wind noise??

I have only had my HA for a couple of weeks, but I have logged about 400 miles on the Softail with it in. I have not had any issue with it feeling like it was coming out, but I will admit that I am paranoid about that since they cost so much.

My loss is not bad and only in one ear, so I can also pop the battery so I do not have any issues with wind noise or the pounding engine noise.

Since I am not using it to hear while riding I am thinking about putting the HA in its case instead of wearing it during riding just to be 100% sure that I will not lose it.

I should have made myself more clear from the original post. I was hoping that with automatic attenuation I could somehow effectively use the RITC as ear plugs to shield me from the wind noise. I could use one of my available programs for an extreme noisy evironment while riding my motorcycle.

I wore my BTE on one ride, no helmet, but no longer wear them while riding. There is nothing to hear except the Harley exhaust anyway. They seemed secure when facing straight ahead but I feared they may get blown off when looking to the side.

For this it would depend on the type of tip used for the RITE. Part of the idea is to let sound in so that the HAs do not have to amplify sounds you can already hear. To use them as a plug you would want a tip that blocks as much sound as possible so that all you could hear was the amplified sounds carried by your HAs. In that case the HAs would only amplify to safe levels and would act much like basic plugs that still tried to pick out voices.

I know with my Audeo Smarts there is a setting that drops short duration loud noises, and it does a decent job of blocking the exhaust noise, and even better at dropping gun reports at the range. At the gun range I only tested the HA, and except for those couple of tests where I was not on the firing line I still use a top of the line set of electronic hearing protection.