Anyone using Sonic Innovations mini Velocity?

I finally decided to get a hearing aid and the local audi recommended a Dot 30. However, she said it still wouldn’t bring the worst parts of my hearing loss up quite to where they should be.
I sent my exam results to one of the on line companies and they recommended the Velocity with a molded ear piece for the side with the most loss and an open ear arrangement for the other ear. I was wondering if anyone here is using the Velocity and what kind of results you are geting with it. Would appreciate any & all feedback and personal experiences.

during the last show I sit @ the Sonic Inv, and had a long chat with the audiologist (one trainer) - we went over the product…

I have not seen anything new or extraordinary, For example, unlike Dot- its
asymetrical directionality is a novel feature … That said, as a high end instrument expect to have the usual refinements- datalogging, Automatic adaptative directionality, multiple programs, voice alerts, etc…

In general it seem like a good choice. the form factor of the mini velocity seem to be really nice, I was shock at the way they change the batery (never seen that one). Overall, seem like a good choice- One thing I did like
is that it allows you to measure in situ - all the thresholds and the UCL-
But again this is not something new- Widex had this feature as old as the first senso (sensogram)