Anyone using Acoustic/Landline phone with Marvels?

I am fortunate in that I received my Marvel M90s from the VA last month. What a difference from my old Bernafons!

I have a landline office phone, which I continue to struggle to hear (much better than the Bernafons, but still tough). It would be wonderful to have the phone voice travel to both ears. I thought this was possible with the Marvels as the literature indicates a DuoPhone feature and an Acoustic Phone program.

I revisited the VA Audi last week and he activated the T-coil with a “Phone via T-coil + mic” program. I don’t notice any improvement over the AutoSense program and still only receive phone sound in one ear (with the landline - cell phone is great!).

I’m currently on Marvel 1.0 as the 2.0 firmware update was not available just yet. Does anyone have any experience with this or advice? I appreciate your help!

He needs to create a custom program. It’s not t-coil. It’s duophone. Unfortunately this will not be automatic - you will have to manually turn on this program to use it. I have tried it out on my Marvels. Works well, but I don’t use a landline enough to justify it being one of my 3 programs.

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Thanks, @focusandearnit! I’ll be going in for the 2.0 upgrade my next visit and will share what you have told me.

Also, thank you for your forum participation. Your posts (as well as those from @TraderGary) led me to the Marvels. I couldn’t be happier!


GREAT NEWS!!! I try to steer all calls to my Samsung, so they’d stream into both ears on my Marvel aids. But I had NO idea these same aids could have a dedicated “duophone” program set up for streaming with landline phones.

I use an internet-enabled Ooma phone (from Costco) that up till now, I simply groaned and used like normal folks - handset up to my ear HOPING to hear the caller. It always stressed me to find the “sweet spot” where the caller’s voice would be loud and clear.

I will jot this “duophone” option down on my list of things to talk to my aud-guy about. I would gladly dedicate a program for landlines as long as it works great with ALL landlines. Many a time, I’ll be at someone’s place, phone rings, they toss it to me to talk to someone. AUGH. In those situations, I’m at a real disadvantage preferring streaming calls to just using a phone handset.

Thanks for sharing the info. I’d definitely come back here to post again with the results.

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What kind of phone is it? Does it have a headset port? You can use a Plantronics mda200 device with a USB bluetooth dongle plugged into it. The bluetooth dongle is an SSP2714-01 (I know, catchy name). I used it for years on two different sets of hearing aids. It makes your phone a bluetooth phone. It works on any office phone but it is a little easier to set up if the phone has a headset port. Then the call goes in both ears, and it leaves your hands free.

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@Don: It’s a Nortel three-line phone and yes, it does have a headset port. The Plantronics device and dongle setup looks like a good alternative should I not be able to use the Marvel’s DuoPhone feature. Thanks for sharing!

@1Bluejay: Yes, I too dread having to use a landline phone. In recent years I have taken to corresponding by email, but frequently there are times the landline is the only option.

In trying to find the “sweet spot,” I’ve often pressed the handset against my ear in a certain way that causes my BTE aid to “pop out” in the middle of the conversation. Yikes!

Calls are much better now with the Marvels, “as is,” but I’m still needing a two-ear landline hearing solution. That would be Marvelous! :slight_smile: Good luck with your audi-guy and please do let us know how it works out for you.

what is Duophone? A t-coil function?

I’ve gotta say this model of doing business drives me nuts! I wish I had a complete and in-depth list of the settings and feature options in these things! I don’t know what she hasn’t turned on or hasn’t told me about!

I have a landline at work that doesn’t work with my t-coil…and it also has a plantronics C054 headset.
I can use both just fine as it is without the hearing aids, so no big deal…but I wonder what I might be missing!!!

Well, the bluetooth office phone setup has two big advantages over duo phone. One is, the sound goes in both ears reliably, without fumbling around to try to find the sweet spot. Second is related, it is hands free so you can be doing something on the computer.

Another advantage is you can walk around if you dont go over 30-35 feet.

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Hey Don,
I see both the Plantronics MDA200 device and USB dongle SSP 2714-01 are both up at Amazon.

Are you using this with Phonak Marvel aids? It would be beyond amazing if so, cuz I could buy the total solution for under $200!

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I was using it with Costco Brio 3 and the Compilot 2. Should work with the Marvels (all disclaimers applied).

^^^ LOL!!! Thanks for the disclaimers. My dear hubs is looking into this solution for me as I peck this out. I see that both devices have a USB port on them. So it appears that you plug the bluetooth dongle into the Plantronics device. But what does the Plantronics device plug into via its USB connection? I’m trying to visualize your entire setup here…

The SSP-2714-01 is the bluetooth dongle and it plugs into the MDA200. You will also need the EHS cable for your phone. This connects the MDA200 to your phone. If your phone doesnt have a headset port you will also need the Plantronics lifter. Yes, it lifts the handset to go off hook. See the Frequently Bought Together near the bottom of the Amazon page. It includes all three pieces, but the cable is specific for your phone brand/model.

The MDA200 also connects to your computer, concurrently with your phone.

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What I was trying to say was, the MDA200 connects to both phone and computer at the same time.

^^^^ Ah - GOT IT. I will have to noodle this a bit cuz our Ooma phone sits in a cradle (as pictured) - like a portable phone - so the handset lifter would not work.

But perhaps the Plantronics MDA200 would connect to our own Plantronics headset device at home (which hubs uses with a headset for long calls).

Great info here! :slight_smile:Ooma%20phone

This is interesting. With this setup, when you’re speaking to the caller, do the hearing aids transmit your voice (like on a Marvel/Bluetooth cell phone call)? Have you experienced any audio quality issues? Some of the Amazon reviews are not so hot.

I had the same problem with my resound Quattro’s. The t coil setting should help. You may have to manually activate it. My quattros did not come with a t coil and the phone setting was completely useless. I wound up using a multi mic hooked up to a telephone recorder that I bought from amazon. This hooked up to my office phone and sends the audio bluetooth to me. this device would attach to a Roger pen for you.


The Roger pens are available on e bay - This worked the best for me - The office phone has to be a corded phone

The duophone program does not stream from the phone, just from one ear to the other. The telecoil program will work if you have a telecoil compatible phone. The Marvels theoretically can connect to a bluetooth landline phone.

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Don’t want to muddy the water here, but there was a Phonak page describing bluetooth compatible landlines that the Audeo B Direct (Previous model of Phonak) could connect to:

They are Siemens devices. I’m not sure why, but there is no equivalent Marvel page. Perhaps the Marvel bluetooth is not compatible with these devices.

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It’s that solution I’m looking for. I have a landline outlet in which to plug in a landline phone. But how do I convert that landline phone into some kind of Bluetooth that pairs with the Marvels? This should be a question for Phonak Tech Support … but I haven’t gone that route yet.

Maybe it’s a single device, or couple of devices - but similar to my TV Streamer which pairs to the TV or laptop, I’m looking for a device that would let me pair my Marvels to the landline phone.

I have them paired beautifully with my Samsung cell phone, but have not found any clearly defined solution for doing the same with my Ooma landline.