Anyone using a TosLink splitter connected to TV streamer?

My mom and I both wear Phonak aids, but hers are such an older model that she wears a ComPilot streamer necklace to stream TV audio. When I go down to visit, either she’s under the cone of silence or the volume is blaring.

I’m thinking of buying this TosLink splitter at Amazon that would let us BOTH plug our streamers into the TV via the digital optical splitter. Anyone else out there using something similar? For just $11 bucks, it’s a lot cheaper than me insisting she upgrade to Marvel aids, which would let us both pair to the same TV streamer.

Not familiar with the one you are referencing but I do know that this one works for me

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We am using a toslink spitter on our TV.
It works just fine and is very handy.
We have a Zvox soundbar and a Phonak TVLink connected to it.

The powered one is best $20 at Amazon but Same one for $5 from China on ebay works great

Hey THANKS ALL for the quick reply! It would be so great to just plug one of these in at my mom’s, as I tend to stay a good 10 days each visit. :slight_smile:
MUCH obliged!

Perhaps you mean the one here?

All I’d need to do is connect my Phonak streamer to that device (along with my mom’s ComPilot), and then use a TosLink cable to attach the splitter to the TV.

That’s the one but if you can wait for China mail you can get the exact same one on Ebay for $5 free shipping. I bought 2 they came in about 2 weeks and work great

That’s the one that I got, too. If you read past posts on this site, other HT’ers definitely recommend a powered splitter vs. an unpowered one because a powered one acts as a signal relay booster - same with online reviews of TOSLINK use - TOSLINK signals can fall off over longer distances and are sensitive to the plastic optical cable being bent or coiled too much. The instructions that come with the device do recommend unplugging it when not in use - perhaps just to prolong the useful life. I try to do that with most of my electronic devices just to save needless greenhouse gas generation, even with just power adapter bricks, and it’s easy to do if you have a bunch of devices plugged into a surge protector.

Yup. It gets my vote too! It’s on my Amazon wish list to be added on my next “spree”. A powered splitter seems optimal give the constraints of cable and distance. This could be really cool if both my mom and I can stream with different devices connected to the splitter. :slight_smile: