Anyone using a hearing app?

Is anyone using a Hearing app (or hearing aid app)? These are apps that turn your smartphone into a hearing aid. For example Petralex iOS that can be downloaded from the App Store and leased for ~ $60/yr.

Here is an existing thread that might interest you.

Many of use the app that is made for our hearing aids, though some do not. I have ReSound HAs, so I use the ReSound Smart 3D app on my iPhone and Apple Watch.

I’m guessing a bit here, but iPhone has a built in interface to MFi devices. You reach it with a triple tap on the home key. There seems to be MFi wired and wireless ear buds for $25 - $40 or so. Couldn’t you just buy some ear buds and use the MFi interface to adjust the volume. Assuming the full functionality is all there, you just go to Live Listen and I am thinking the iPhone mic will send what it “hears” to the ear buds. This is just speculation as I know it works with hearing aids, but have never tried it with ear buds or headphones though…

In doing a bit of a search, this may not be possible at all. Everything talks about pairing to hearing aids, and not earbuds…

A hearing-aid and a smartphone/smartwatch) have a lot in common They are very sophisticated, high-tech, digital devices, they all have a mic, a processor, and a speaker. They all run app’s (applications/algorithms/programs) including hearing applications (that provide selective amplification for hearing correction). Inputs to the ‘apps’ are the user’s audiogram, the environment (saved as a profile), etc… Unfortunately the hearing aid costs 5 to 10 times more than a smart phone/watch. There are several factors for this price disparity which is a separate topic.

Can the smartphone/smartwatch (running a hearing app) replace the hearing-aid and finally make hearing available to everyone.

Having used Nuheara IQBuds Boost ($500) with an app to tune to hearing loss, no. They did not help my hearing sufficiently after I tried real hearing aids. I spent just under $3000 for some Costco hearing aids that are 20x better for my moderate loss than many pairs of earbuds, headsets, and the Nuheara IQBuds Boost that are meant for moderate loss.

I have a Pixel 3a.
It has an app called Sound Amplifier.
I played with it a couple times. The sound is not even close to my hearing aid. It reminds me of a ten dollar amplifier I tried years ago.
It has a hollow sound and picks up everything.

First, there’s a HUGE difference between what could be done and what’s currently available. A modern smart phone is magnitudes more powerful and faster than any hearing aids so there certainly isn’t a processing limitation. The comparatively large “aids” potentially offer superior frequency response and lower distortion as well as the required DB.

The two drawbacks at the moment are probably the higher power requirements and possibly the delay communicating between the phone doing the processing and the aids. If you are using the phone’s microphone (as with Live Listen) then it’s only a 1-way trip, but if the mic is in the aids then incoming sound makes a round trip with processing in between, producing a bit of audible echo or reverb when mixed with direct sound.

My favorite hearing aid apps are the Thrive app (compatible with Starkey Livio hearing aids) and the Evoke app (compatible with Widex Evoke devices). ReSound also has a great app for their Quattro line of products.

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