Anyone uses Beltone ONE

HI all:
Has anyone used Beltone top of the line ONE. Please give some comments about this hearing aid.

beltone one = identical copy to gn pulse

so it is good, GN and Beltone products are IDENTICAL perhaps with 1 or 2


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i would also check the local price of the Oticon Delta 4000 and the
Phonak Audeo, the beltone One- has fetures which are nothing out of the
extraordinary… Adaptative directionality, noise reduction, fedback canceler etc… pretty much what is standart out there


Are you sure? The Beltone One looks like the Azure to me. The Beltone Edge is the one that looks identical to the Pulse.

Hi all:
Thanks for your feedback. However, what my biggest concern about hearing aid is clarity of speech. If the hearing aid has all the fancy function like feedback cancellation, noise reduction, directional mic etc but the speech is not clear, then the hearing aid is useless.
My experience with most digital hearing aid is not enough high tone, I means the sound is very low tone and therefore cannot hear speech clearly. I don’t means I need those high pitch that can kill you but comfortable high pitch to hear speech clearly.
I heard that ONE has a compression feature that can compress sound very quickly and therefore you barely feel the sound has been compressed. Any comments to share.
Appreciate in advance.

there is a limit to who much you can compress,
i rember reading an article which basically recomends
no more than a 2.1 compression ratio…

to much compression can degrate speech understanding…

if you are willing to spend the $, perhaps you could try (not limited to)

Siemens Centra, Phonak audeo, Oticon Epoq ( i like this one) but all others

are excelent solutions…