Anyone use Oticon Medical Neuro System?

Whilst following this forum for a while now , it seems that the System to go for is the Cochlear Nucleus or Kanso2 system .
I came across that Oticon also have a system as well , the Neuro iwth the Neuro Zti implant .
Anybody have this unit all or info .

All of the systems work well, I would say that one reason you see Cochlear chosen so often is that they have the largest footprint. You are far more likely to find and audiologist and surgeon who know Cochlear than the others. That was my deciding factor in my decision.

As for the Oticon, you are probably going to have some trouble finding people who are familiar with it. The system is not approved for use in the US. I believe this is because Oticon has chosen not to jump through the hoops of our system rather than any inherent flaw in it. But since the user base here is primarily American (although there seems to be a lot of Australians in the CI group) most of us have had no reason to look at Oticon.


Thank you for your response .
At the moment my audio now regards me as a candidate for a CI and I have ,collected a large amount of info to date from this forum . I think I have enough to certainly in the next monthly or so I will be starting the journey .
Yes there are a few Australians that have benefited from this forum .
BTW I am from Perth , Western Australia .

@Deaf_piper lives in Australia. I believe she is on the west side too.
Since Cochlear is from Australia I would think that is your best choice of processors.

I have K2 and N7 processors with an Android phone, Google Pixel 3. This set up works great. I also have the CI612 implants.

Good luck.


I’m in Melbourne and didn’t have any choice I’m what device I wanted. The only 2 devices I researched were AB & Cochlear. When I had my CI just over 2 years ago if I wanted AB I would have to travel to Sydney for all Drs appointments and operation. Then they don’t bulk bill all your mapping either. When I had my operation at the Eye and Ear hospital, they only use Cochlear, so I have a N7. This is because Melbourne and this hospital is the home of the inventor Prof Graeme Clark and where he worked all his working life. Another reason why I didn’t go with AB was it’s had a few recalls with fault issues on the internal device.

If your looking at Oticon I’m not sure if it’s available in Aus.

@Raudrive your geography is 3500km off course, I’m on the East coast.

Edited- @Blanch991 Ear Science in Perth is the best place to make enquiries.

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Just an interesting tidbit, poking around I found that Oticon has received approval to start marketing their system in the US.

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Do you know what date that happened as here in Aus we’re generally 7-10 months behind the US.

Looking at the FDA it look like it was just approved in June.

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