Anyone Update Their OPN's to Firmware Rev 6 Yet?


That and two reboots of phone did get the aids to pair. Before all I could get are the MAC addresses to show up and they wouldn’t pair. Thanks for the suggestion.

Still no luck with the Oticon On app. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed a couple of times. Clearing storage and cache doesn’t help.

I had to install Genie 2018 in order to flash firmware 6. Are you talking about that or something else?




I recall something about the MFi settings on your iPhone needing to “forget” your hearing aid device(s) and then re-pair.

Oh, and Genie 2 is always right when it comes to knowing which device is left/right because it recognizes them by serial number.



No MFi settings for Android and doing the forget was the first thing I did.

I don’t know what to tell you. The detect screen came up after flashing saying the hearing aid serial numbers didn’t match. I verified they were the same serial numbers as before flashing. The reason they didn’t match is because right/left were switched.

If nobody else reports that it happened to them, then I must have clicked something that switch them and caused the reversal.



Oh, I thought that Genie warned you they were switched before Firmware update. I guess you are saying Genie warned you only after Firmware update.

Oh, I see. You flashed left/right correctly. You reprogrammed with left/right switched later. Then you corrected the left/right programming by switching them back to the correct left/right orientation.

All’s I’m saying is believe Genie when it says they are switched.

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No, that is what I wanted to know. Genie update from 2017.2 SP1 to 2018 is not available for me yet on the updater for some reason.




It wasn’t for me either. I got tired of waiting and downloaded it from a Brittish site. @PVC has a link here.

Scroll down to the 3rd paragraph and you’ll see the link Genie2 - 2018.2 under ‘Popular Fitting Software’.




Should have checked that. Thanks to you and @pvc



Genie is so reliable when it comes to identifying right/left hearing aids that I don’t bother paying any attention to right/left when connecting the hearing aids to cables. After connecting the cables, I use Genie Detect to test if I connected right/left correctly. If not, I just switch the plug-ins at the mini Pro and test/Detect again.

Keeping in mind that OPN Firmware updates are destructive (destroys your hearing aid settings/programming) here’s the way I would do a Firmware update;

  1. Use mini-pro or Hi-Pro, cables, flex strips. You cannot use a wireless programming device.
  2. Select your client to start a new session, then, Detect your hearing aids. Genie will verify that you have right/left identified correctly.
  3. Make no changes, proceed to End Fitting, Save settings into database only, Session name = Before Firmware V6.
  4. Proceed with the V6 Firmware update, pray there is no power failure for next half hour or so.
  5. After Firmware update completes, restore your hearing aid settings using the settings that were saved in the session named Before Firmware V6.


Last night I downloaded Genie 2018.2 from @pvc’s link (3.9GB, 100 minutes) and installed it. The update overwrote the Genie 2017.2 application files in the Genie2 programs folder. The legacy versions were not affected. I have not yet updated to firmware v6; I want to give my audi a chance and have other things to talk with her about. But the 2018.2 version appears to work normally with my OPNs but gives warnings about the available updates. The prior settings database was carried over. Saved a current setting session as recommended by @pvc, above, just to make sure. There is a document in the downloaded update folder listing the new features supported as well as a useful “overview” document. There is no comment about under-the-hood changes such as communication improvements mentioned by @Um_bongo but I am sure they are there.



I downloaded 2018.2 and updated my OPN1s from 4.0 to 6.0. No problems, but as people say, it does take 26 minutes or so. This was my first time using the MiniPro (that I just received today), so it was a bit of an adventure. No issue connecting back to my iPhone, though I noted that Genie 2 reported the aids were paired with two phones (my old 6 and the new X.) I didn’t see how to remove the old phone pairing.

Now to go read what 6.0 is supposed to enable - I know I saw it here somewhere.



In the Oticon_Genie_2_2018.2 folder you downloaded is a folder called “Information”. Look in there under your preferred language for two .pdf documents. One is “What is new in Genie 2”; the other is “Instructions for Use”.

This info is also available in the Help function within Genie.

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I believe you can click on the hard-to-see little trash can icon and that will delete all pairings of that type from the aids.

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Is there a list of what’s changed in v6 from v5?



I just did the update to version 6 of the firmware on my OPN 1 aids. The whole update took about 3 1/2 minutes and it did both aids at the same time. At the beginning of the update it provided a warning that the aids would be reset to the factory settings and that they needed to be reloaded after the update to get the setting back.

At the end of the update it said to reconnect the aids (they are disconnected from Genie 2 during the update) which I did - as part of reconnecting the aids were automatically reloaded with my settings so I didn’t have to do anything other than click on “Connect” to get them back to normal.

I don’t really see anything different as far as programming the aids with Genie 2 goes. Everything looks the same to me (I didn’t take a lot of time looking, just a quick “look around”).

The Oticon On app on my iPhone 8+ (and the iPhone itself) automatically connected to the aids with no problem at all. I was able to implement the new feature in the app as well now that I have the version 6 firmware. The new feature appears to be a data sharing process where you agree to share your data with Oticon - no real mention about what they are going to do with it. If anyone has some insight about this I would love to hear about it.



My Audi showed me the material they got… it states (between the quotes):

  • Support for the Oticon HearingFitness app
  • Update the Transient Noise Reduction
  • Ear-Level FM compatibility for all Opn BTE13 PP instruments FW 5 and earlier.
    All previously fit Opn BTE13 PP devices can work with the new ear-level FM options as long as they are updated to Firmware 6.




Is anyone having trouble with the volume up/down controls via the OPN HA buttons using FW6? The Oticon app in my iPhone works fine for volume control as well as the ConnectClip. The HA buttons feature showed configured properly in the Audi’s SW but doesn’t seem to work n practice. The buttons work fine to mute and change programs. This was working properly before the upgrade. Seems like a s/w issue to me.

Grateful for feedback.




The Firmware update is destructive and resets your hearing aids back to factory defaults. Though it has a feature to save your settings first and then re-apply those settings after the Firmware update. Maybe there’s a glitch with this feature? Have your Audi review the End Fitting Volume Control settings.



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An update here… Went back to the Audi. Disabled the Volume Control and ended fitting. Re-enabled the volume control and ended fitting. Still same results. She called Oticon who suggested creating a new settings file and replacing the old one. Volume controls in the HAs still not working.

Interestingly enough, if I put the HAs in TV Box mode, the volume control from the HA’s work, which confirms the physical buttons are working and makes me believe more its a software issue.

On the upside, bluetooth connections are solid now and the clicking sounds are all gone (also using iOS 12) so I’m happy for the upgrade even if I have to change the volume from the Oticon App or the ConnectClip.


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Wondering if it worth updating to v6 firmware on my OPN rite’s. The only thing I would be interested in is the ‘Transient Noise Reduction’ if it helps in any way. Heading in to pick up new bats soon will ask for a appointment depending. Don’t want to screw thing up if you know what i mean.



v6 fixes the known issue with the TV Box dropping the connection if you cough or even snap your fingers. It had no deleterious side effects that I have noticed.

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