Anyone try the new Phonak Virto Paradise CIC with bluetooth?

There was a new video posted on the Hearing Tracker YouTube channel which reviewed Phonak’s new Virto Paradise custom CIC’s with bluetooth connectivity. Basically a custom CIC which can directly connect to your Android or Apple phone (or other bluetooth devices) without any additional connection device. For those of us who wear BTE or RIC hearing aids (I’m wearing Resound Quattro’s), this is nothing new. What makes this new is its a CIC with the bluetooth functionality of a RIC hearing aid.

In the comments posted with the video, a few people mentioned how liberating it was to go back to a CIC (with bluetooth) and not have stuff hanging behind your ear, etc. I can kinda relate to that but my question is…what do you give up by moving from a RIC back to a CIC? CIC’s definitely result in more occlusion, and tend to suffer more from feedback. You also have less microphones and the smaller batteries in a CIC will definitely have to be changed more often with bluetooth streaming. The other thing is…no rechargeable version so you lose that too.

Curious if anyone has tried the Virto Paradise CIC with the bluetooth streaming and can comment. Also curious to hear how they compare when you move from RIC back to CIC.



I don’t know why they had to go CIC. There are lots of larger form factors that will fit in the ear and give enough room for a decent batter.

Custom devices seem to be far less reliable. It seems they go back for repair almost every year. The smaller/deeper in the ear they go, the more vulnerable they seem. I feel anxious everytime I fit a client with a CIC/IIC

This is not my experience.