Anyone tried Beltone ONE

Hi all:
Has anyone tried Beltone ONE. Any comment on this hearing aid?


Id be interested in hearing about it as well since im still in the looking mode before buying my first hearing aid.

Besides that specific model (wich i am interested in) How is the beltone brand in genral for reliability and does the company do well with its servicing and customer care in general at thier stores?

identicaL as the GN pulse
same company -

Are you certain? I wear the Pulse, and the Beltone One looks like a GN Resound Azure, not a Pulse. You’ve said this before and I questioned it then, but you never responded.

i am 90% sure, beltone do not have the natural directionality yet…
i will check it and reply it asap

The Beltone Edge looks exactly like the Pulse. That’s what has me wondering. And at it appears the ONE and Azure are the same, and Pulse and Edge are the same.

Hi Jayman:
You said you are wearing Pulse. What is your hearing loss. I have some interest in this hearing aid.


Freq. R L
125 20 35
250 30 35
500 30 45
750 35 45
1000 30 40
1500 25 40
2000 30 35
3000 40 45
4000 50 50
6000 70 70
8000 70 80

im really really sorry

the beltone one is similar to the metrix depending on the model,

and the edge is the one that is identical to the pulse…

Thanks for clearing that up.

Also, the Beltone Marq is the same as the Resound Dot

Hi Jayman:
Thanks for letting me know your hearing loss. Actually, your loss is similar to mine except I have low frequency loss around 40 for both years. Is Edge still fit my low frequency loss?
I also went to Beltone website and found out Beltone offers Edge, Edge 2 and Edge action. It looks like Edge 2 can handle low frequency loss as well? Is that true.


I found a Pulse data sheet at

At 250, the Pulse fitting range is 35; at 500, it’s 45.

I couldn’t google up any spec sheets for the Edge.

Thanks for the specification of Pulse. I would like to know how you compare Azure/ONE with Pulse/Edge. Which one is better? Does Azure worth the extra money or it just has more useless features?


I loved the features of the Azure, but it wasn’t as comfortable behind the ear, and I ran into issues with the batteries cutting out every 2 days or so. I think it was a perspiration issue, but am not entirely sure.

If I were getting aids today, I’d look into the GN Resound Dot, which appears to be the best of both the Pulse and Azure. Apparently, the Beltone MARQ is similar to the Dot.