Anyone think Coronavirus will bring down hearing aid prices?

That’s what I said above - and the flaws did not come from China. They came from the CDC designing not so great PCR primers, whereas the ones designed in Europe work great.

Here’s an in-depth article from MIT’s Technology Review magazine that discusses how the CDC screwed up. The article is nice enough to say that designing a good PCR primer is an art, not an exact science, and if you don’t have a good primer, you will get a false positive because it will prime other stuff besides the viral nucleic acid. But no article cited mentions China. The failure is Made in America and testing was quickly halted with the faulty kits. So the faulty kits delayed starting good testing in the U.S. and now that the well-meaning FDA ruling created in 2004 has been put aside (the White House has had since January to reconsider that rule), labs with adequate authority and credentials are free to come up with their own tests and get very rapid CDC/FDA approval (can’t remember which) so testing at long last is really going to get ramped up in the U.S. And there are not lots of false positives in China because guess what -they weren’t using the faulty made-in-the-U.S.A. CDC kits. And the issue has nothing to do with previous administrations but the current one is trying to pretend it does. All hands (and neurons) were not on deck when the starting gun sounded in January - hopefully, the issue is getting the full attention and seriousness it deserves now.

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@tanafauske that article is more than a month old. Let’s try current events? The situation is changing rapidly.

Also, I always question “news” sites that don’t provide source information. Everyone should. It mentions Reuters which means there should be a link to the original article. I found it on Google, it’s from 12 Feb; I will post the link but add an error so the forum won’t auto link the old info.

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[After looking at later replies…] See? You brought the infection to the thread! :slight_smile:

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Only concrete HA info I got from above thread is that Costco’s KS9.0 HA are having delivery delays due to unavailability of some parts from China. Possibly that might indicate all Phonak HA may have some part source delays.

How can one make any reasonable conclusion about the effect of an epidemic on hearing aid prices unless one gets one’s facts straight about the exact nature and possible extent of the disease? And if the only change in one’s behavior is going to be to worry about HA pricing, folks like that are a danger to their community if they are too insouciant. As with all of humanity, the HT forum is quite a mix of people with different knowledge and opinions and politics. A greater danger to the U.S. (and everywhere else) is not all those bad medical reagents from China but the spread of fake news (left, right, or center) on the Internet. Urban legends espoused on the HT forum deserve to be shot down even if it takes a thread a bit off-topic.


Not being prepared has everything to do with previous administrations. We would not be in this position, had we learned anything from even the last epidemic.

Sadly, now counterfeit testing kits are being intercepted at Customs.

Back on topic, i do not believe this latest epidemic will do anything to change HA prices. None of the recent epidemics appeared to cause any price changes.

Do I need to be the one to point out that the current administration has been in power since January 2017? That said, I didn’t know we could predict ahead of time that we would need test kits with a limited shelf life for a virus that didn’t exist before Obama left office in Jan. 2017 or Bush left office in Jan. 2009? They should’ve started engineering and producing test kits once the virus started hitting China hard, not sitting and spinning while blaming political rivals and downplaying the risk. Now we have the opposite problem, mass hysteria. And if you think empty grocery store shelves nationwide are not a symptom of mass hysteria and panic, well, I dunno what to tell you. These pictures my dad took this morning at his local Safeway in the SF Bay Area.



And no I don’t think HA prices will be affected. People tend not to get them till they really need it, the demand is inelastic.


Go to Costco and don’t get ripped off! I went from Kirkland 6.0 5 years ago to 9.0 this past year. Fabulous and with now an Android app that works great! Get a grip!

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We did learn something from previous pandemics. There was money to the budget to boost emergency preparedness for infectious disease pandemics. But the present administration cut that money out of the budget except for the highest level of preparedness (regional healthcare centers).

Just remember, Ted Cruz’s father helped assassinate JFK …we heard it from the Prez.

Edit_Update: Here’s a quote from a pop-up solicitation in the Guardian article that I cited just above asking for my donation to help support The Guardian:

Disinformation on the most critical issues of our time, from elections to public health, is rampant.

Partisan news sources and social media’s tsunami of fake news is no basis on which to inform the American public in 2020.

So, I’d agree with someone else’s post above. Yes, folks, please get a grip on reality, and AFAIK, Ted Cruz’s father did not help assassinate JFK, same with a lot of other distorted reality visions going around.

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Sorry folks, while I appreciate the discussion, I’m home helping with family matters and don’t have time to deal with all the flags from this thread. I know it’s hard given the circumstances to not get political…