Anyone recently compare ReSound Quattro vs Oticon OPN S vs Widex Evoke?

I currently have the Oticon OPN1 MiniRITE since early 2017, and never fully satisfied with clarity of speech and background noise suppression. (Note: I don’t want a convo about the merits of the old generation of OPN at this time).

I stopped by a new Audi yesterday and got a new hearing test, and got a trial of the Resound Quattros. My hearing is a bit worse in some frequencies but overall similar. The sound so far is very “bright” for me, and many sounds are too loud… it’s like being taken back to the first time I got HAs, so I expected this and will assume I get used to them.

I have a trial for 2 weeks, after which I’ll try the Widex Evokes for 2 weeks, then probably the Oticon OPN-S for 2 weeks. After that, I’ll settle on one of them to take for a full 30 day trial.

In advance of trying all of them, I was wondering if anyone has recent input and feedback on these 3 against each other. My general thoughts after reading through a lot of the comments in past threads:

  • As expected, HAs are a personal choice
  • ZPower first-gen had huge problems, causing nearly all companies to abandon them in favor of their own lithium ion solution. Oddly, Widex seems to be the one that stuck with ZPower and adopted their 2nd gen.
  • OPN platform was pushing their “open” hearing, but in their OPN S added beamforming tweaks presumably due to user and audi feedback. OPN S also added better handling of feedback (which has mixed reviews).
  • Resound has been making MFi HAs for the longest, so their platform and app are generally the most realiable, but people have great things to say about Widex Evoke’s platform and app.
  • Widex Evoke is commonly raved about for music and by musicians
  • Widex Evoke has a machine learning platform which can optimize programs based on input from you on preferences (A vs B preferences). However, how far it can deviate from your audi’s programming is unclear to me, and I haven’t read much user reviews on this impact/benefit of this “learning” capability.
  • I’ve read mixed reviews, as expected, on whether one of the 3 are better for speech clarity, wind noise handling and background noise suppression.

Would love more input if anyone has some!

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I love the Evokes, so does my son & my Dad! I found once set up correctly with vent selected, custom fitting, sensogram & Widex algorithm I would not need to use the settings to change it but it’s good to have that option. With the 440 speech in noise is better than normal hearers, music is beautiful, it’s really great. I tried resound and personally found it harsh and lost the magic of sound.


I didn’t have the opportunity to try the Widex offering, however between the Quattro 691 and the Oticon S1, those I did compare a bit.

Going back to my notes that I had made for the Quattros, I really enjoyed the tulip fittings for comfort and the sound, although when listening to music, bass was lacking. Also conversation in noise, I made a particular note, while my wife and I were at a restaurant, conversation was very good. The one note against the Quattro was the size (width) was a problem for me. I found the Quattro would flip off my ears every time I removed my glasses, which ultimately led to me not selecting them.

The OPN S1, I thought was very similar in sound to the Quattros. The biggest concern about the OPN S series is the new feedback shield. This tends to cause the often noted warble tone that people complain about. Myself, I was able to have the audi disable the feedback shield (per program option), and with custom moulds, very rarely do I get any feedback. I am noticing on my left ear, that the mould is a bit small and the seal isn’t quite what it should be, so more frequently I am noticing feedback issues. I’m thinking my appointment next week, I’ll get an impression taken again with a more open mouth for a larger fit which hopefully improves the feedback situation.

A rather lengthy thread, with a few rabbit trails, but my notes during the trial that I posted about the different aids I tried. Hope this helps!

I have not compared them but will offer a couple of comments.

First when comparing hearing aids to make a decision on which to buy based on how they sound to you, I think the most most important thing to ensure is that you have a full REM adjustment made to an industry standard like NAL-NL2 for each hearing aid. If you do not do that what you will end up doing is comparing the accuracy of fit potentially mixed with different proprietary hearing correction formulas. You end up comparing one fit to another fit, not the actual hearing aid to another hearing aid.

On the ReSound app, I do believe they have the most full featured app, but the also seem to be having the most trouble with compatibility to the new iOS 13. Some seem to still be reporting issues with it.

My Audi did a real ear measurement and tuned the Resound Quattros to that. I don’t know however, if it was done to “NAL-NL2”. I’ll have to ask.

Update: My audi confirmed it was Real Ear + NAL-NL2.

That sounds good. I would suggest you do the same with the other two aids you are going to compare. Once you find the aid you like best, then try different formulas to determine if there is something better than NAL-NL2.

I tried OPN 1, OPN S1 and Widex Evoke 440 then I decided to purchase the OPN S1. Yes I used to suffer the warbling for a while (in some words or voices and extended letters) then me and my Audi tried several settings and molds and just yesterday I got the new mold . Wow, the warbling is out (although feedback shield is off). This changed a lot of voices perception and speech understanding.

The Widex was good (only good not perfect) but I found it bulky and although machine learning was a good option, I found my self used to spend about 10 min each time in the place to work the machine learning AI with options A-B and then this is not enjoyable(at least for me).

My expectation of hearing aid is to put it on and it works well and I understand most speeches in different situations.(life is fast and I don’t want to loose time with my aids than enjoy the moment)

Good luck

@AshFan what did you have before the OPN S1?

As trial, I tried OPN 1, OPN S1, Bernafon Viron, Phonak Marvel and then Widex Evoke. All didn’t give me the natural 360 voices except OPN & OPN S. I went to OPN S because it’s the late Technologi and option to beam forming sound.
Previously, had a terrible experience for 4 years of Resound Linx2 which made me didn’t even think of trying Quattro

+to Resound Quattro 961: it can stream directly to some Android smartphones (at least pixel3, samsung s10). Neither of the rest HA can’t.