Anyone own med el Adhear?


Would be happy if somone can share experience with this new device.


Med El Adhear

I’ve used Adhear (trial version) for almost 6 months now as a temporary device while waiting for my permanent BAHA abutment surgery. This was due to an accident which made me bilaterally deaf. To make it short, trying out the Adhear, I was resistant to the idea of getting proper surgery to get the BAHA. But after 6 months of using the Adhear device, I now couldn’t wait to have the surgery and get the permanent one. I’ll explain further below.

First of all, I couldn’t imagine how I could’ve returned to work after my accident without the Adhear, and without wearing the head strap for the BAHA. It wasn’t the best but I was able to work and function with it. It worked just well enough and wasn’t very conspicuous.

I think it’s great for augmenting your hearing if you have single sided-deafness or moderate hearing loss. But when I trialed the Oticon Ponto and Cochlear BAHA options (using their straps and metal head clamp), the difference was astounding. I think the clamping pressure and sound processing technology made the difference. I expect the quality to get even better when the conduction is direct to the bone. Having just a sticker to the skin is just not comparable in terms of volume and clarity of sound.

Other things you need to consider are the consumables - the sticker and battery. I think they recommend you replace the stickers every 4-5 days but I managed to extend that to 7 days max. The battery may last longer but I also replace them at least every week. You might need some help to put on the sticker at first, but I was able to do it by myself eventually.

In terms of technology and features, I think it’s inferior to Ponto and BAHA. The noise cancellation, while available, is not very effective in comparison. It also doesn’t have the bluetooth connectivity features. Also, I think I’ve worn out the on/off/mode switch. Changing modes and turning it on/off eventually became a pain after several months of use. It may be because the test unit was already used by someone else before me, I don’t know for sure.

Like I said, I am very happy that this option was available for me when I needed it. But I know it was just a temporary one, and I couldn’t wait to get my implant done. I suggest you give the three options a try. Try the Adhear on for a month, see if it works enough for you. People have different needs, and for me I just don’t see myself using this in the long term.

Hope this helps.