Anyone know if/when Costco will get Siemens (Signia) Primax?

Anyone know if/when Costco will get Siemens (Signia) Primax?

They have it. The Rexton Legato IX is the same hearing aid. I am in trial with them now and pretty satisfied with them. I seem to hear better in noisy places and wind noise is minimal compared to my old bte’s. I am having some trouble keeping the left in my ear but I believe that is a function of my small canal that has a bend in it. Also the smart connect device is terrible for streaming music or whatever from my phone so I am not sure I am going to keep them.

I’ll quibble a bit. The Rexton Legato (as well as the Kirkland KS7) is based off of Rexton hearing aids. They are very similar to Signia Primax, but if you go into the programming software for both, the Signias have more granular control over settings. Whether one could tell any difference is debatable, but there are differences.

What kind of issues are you having with the Smart Connect? Mine was rock solid until it developed distortion and I took it back because I didn’t really need it and was concerned with reliability. Many people complain of poor quality sound while streaming. It’s often a result an open fitting.

Hi MDB, I am comparing the Smart Connect to my Bernafon Sound Gate 2. With the Sound Gate I can put my phone in my back pocket while streaming and even leave the room my phone is in with no problems. With the Smart Connect I have to have it directly in front of me within a few feet and even then if I move around the sound breaks up and the volume increases and decreases. I thought I had a bad one so I took it back to Costco, they sent it in and got me a new one but it is the same. I use the streaming function frequently so it is important to me. Do you know who has a better device?
I am new to this forum and glad I found it. You seem very knowledgeable about the workings and programming of HA’s. Are you in the business?

I believe Phonak now has a HA that goes direct to any Apple of Android device I think it is the Andeo B direct. Anyone know if Costco has plans to carry it in the near future?

My SmartConnect keeps transmitting over 20 feet away from my phone. I was pleasantly surprised at how much distance I had. However, I had trouble at first, and it was because it wasn’t set up properly with my phone. Check with your dispenser to make sure it’s programmed and paired correctly, and that may fix the problem.

Sorry I missed this. Didn’t mean to ignore you. I just enjoy reading about this stuff. I’m a retired RN.

If streaming from a phone is important to you, and you would like to stick with Costco, the Bernafon Zerena and Resound Forte are your best bets. They require an iPhone, but can stream directly to the iPhone without any intermediary device. Of the two, I’ve heard more about the Resound, but either have potential.

If you’re an Android diehard, the Phonak Audeo B- Direct is the only current option and it’ll be quite awhile (if ever) before Costco would have it.

I got the Zerena 9 about a week and a half ago. I hated to switch to iPhone , I really liked my Galaxy note but I guess I’ll get used to it. The bluetooth in the Zerena works really well.

At the time Costco introduced the KS7, it was the current hardware platform. I think Primax is a term used with that and the now newer model. Companies introduce updates with most features intact and similar. It can often be modest refinements. As a group, we often focus on wanting these changes and pay accordingly more.

I think there will likely be a KS8 sometime toward spring. What that will be is anybody’s guess as Costco has not only upgraded hardware but gone to different brands at times.

Rexton calls the line “Trucore” “6c” also goes along with that, as opposed to their previous “Quadcore” generation, which was also called “4c.” I’ve heard from some that the 6c does not mean it’s a 6 core cpu although that’s what I initially implied from the name.