Anyone know about headphones that are amplified for loss of hearing?

Does anyone know about headphones that are amplified for loss of hearing? I like BT, noise-canceling, headphones. But I can’t hear without my hearing aids. I use behind the ear, and the headphones get uncomfortable.

I have a “moderate to severe” loss.


That would be up to your source. Adjust any available equalizer on it to roughly follow your audiogram. Then depending on your loss you could possibly not even use the aids.

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Hello, no idea what circumstances you are looking to use the headphone, but I can tell you what I do; I am as well profound hearing loss, but there is the gym where I want a real headset, the gym is the most usual moment when I replace my hearing aids for a headphone. I use Soundcore Liberty pro, they have this technology that make they-own hearing aids test; HearID Custom Sound.

Installing the Soundcore app you will be able to run a hearing test in a quiet place. The result is that the headset will delivery music using you hearing loss as audiogram.

I can tell you this is not accurate hearing test but it is giving to me pleasant experience at the gym.

I am sure the volume applied after the HearID Custom Sound test will be more adjusted to the situation of each ear.

Last note will be; the ear-tips that came (6 pair) in the package did not work well at the gym because still was letting the loud music from the gym inside my ears. So I got a pair of ear-tip with good insulation from Amazon.

Good luck.

Actually I found a Sennheiser pair of headphones that work perfectly for hard of hearing folks like us. It is the HDR 195 headphones. They have a special way to control the incoming signal that can boost it to a level that would almost make them like portable speakers that you can place on your ears. I have profound hearing loss but these headphones can lift the level to normal levels without having to wear my hearing aids. The only drawback is that true to the Sennheiser formula, they produce an over-the-top bass sound that would best be controlled by an the equalizer that z10user2 suggests, (and they are pretty expensive to begin with.)

I have good results with Bose Hearphone. It also amplified the surrounding sounds as well.


You don’t say what kind of headphones you are using.
On ear headphones will not work with BTE aid.
You need large cup over ear phones.
Now, are you looking for sound quality or noise cancelling as most important.
If it’s sound You probably want Sennheiser Momentum 3’s Large cups, and comfortable , premium price.
For noise cancelling, and good sound, the Sony XM 4 are the newest they make, but the previous model XM3 is nearly identical.
For overall comfort, and noise cancelling, Bose, but not the best sounding of the 3.

Any of the above will sound even better withThe wavelet app for android. here.
Good luck.

I use Apple Airpods or any in the ear ear buds. At work I use 3M ear muffs. They are ear protecting ear muffs designed to stream using Bluetooth. However they provide good sound in a noise cancelation by design. Bought mine at Walmart for about $30 in the sporting goods department. I have same hearing loss with right being the worse.

If your hearing aids have a T-Coil Program (to use with telephone), consider what I’ve used in the past which were MusicLink Hooks. Fit nicely behind the aids and T-Coil blocks out all other external noises which is good and bad. I think there are two brands like this out there?

My newest BTE (Signia) have BT now so I can stream my music to the aids (iPhone) with or without background noise (various levels) which is nice too.

I think its best to have a solution whereby you keep the aids on, because of the dependency to hear other things as well.

The poster doesn’t say what his use/requirement is. So this is difficult.

I don’t have a problem with music, and my aids (Phonak Marvel rechargeable) enhance my listening experience.

Where I have difficulty is TV, especially speech, my aids are connected wirelessly to the TV using the Phonak TV Connector, which can be connected to the TV using an audio cable, or a digital Toslink optical cable, this setup provides excellent sound.

I also have a pair of Senheiser HRD 195 headphones, with the rechargeable base unit. These provide L R balance adjustment, and a basic equaliser, which lifts the higher, above 2kH frequencies, and proves an acceptable listening experience.

On occasion, I use these when watching TV, on my own, with the TV sound off. If theTV sound is on, they suffer from ‘digital’ delay, which manifests itself as an echo, TV loudspeaker sound first, followed by headphone sound a quarter of a second later, and this renders them useless.

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I do not use hearing aids and headphones. Streaming music thru aids is handy however limited bass response. I use Apple Air pods with foam tips. These have by far taken full advantage of sounds I can hear. The bone conductivity advantage of bass is remarkable.

The Airpods Pro and Airpods Max have the capability for “hearing accomodations”. Here’s some initial info:

The basic idea is that with microphones both “outside” and “inside” the amplification, software can twiddle the equalization to so the output matches your audiogram. Abram Bailey did an experiment where he found that the result was ok, but not really up to hearing aid fitting standards.

Search for “airpods” and you’ll find a couple discussion threads. It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

Edit: Found Abram’s post with Real Ear Measurements using some Airpods Pro: