Anyone here using the Widex Moment?

I’m surprised that there’s been no buzz here about the Moment. I’m interested in learning about it and would like to add about users’ experiences to what I’ve read.

I have been using Widex Moment for about a month now and am very happy with it. I used OPN oticon for 3 years, tried several other hearing aids and finally decided on Moment. The difference I feel is that hearing is much closer to natural, the sound of my voice stopped bothering me and the tinnitus reduced to the point of having almost whole days without tinnitus.

There’s been lots of talk on the Widex Moment, I just did a Forum search for it and there are lots of threads.

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There is another forum that is just about widex. It is on the Facebook forum. It a good hearing aid. It is under hearing tracker.

Thanks. Much appreciated. Unfortunately I’m a Luddite and am not a Facebook user.

Me too so I am learning to use it as well but it has great information.