Anyone having luck using Oticon streamer pro w Android phone to play music?

I got a pair of Oticon Chili hearing aids in October 2014. I also have the streamer pro. I have had no luck getting the Oticon Connectline app on my Android phone to recognize my streamer. I am able to set up streamer to be recognized and paired wvia Bluetooth but when I try to set up Connectline app, the message says searching for streamer.

i would love to use my phone as a music player too. Has anyone had good luck using an Android phone as a music player while paired with the Oticon Streamer Pro?

Thanks ahead of time!

Are you saying you paired the phone to the Connectline, then connected, and when the phone and Connectline are connected the app still doesn’t see the Connectline?

Is your streamer pro the latest version which is 1.3. or do you have the 1.2 version of the streamer. You have to have the version 1.3 to pair with android. What I am talking about is using the Oticon app on the Android. As for as streaming music that should just be a setting that should be enabled by the Oticon software that the audi has.

I got Oticon Altra Pro in April 2014 with the streamer pro…had trouble at first trying to use my adroid phone with the streamer…in reading the manuel I noticed that your Audi has to turn on something in the software for your streamer pro…once she turned that on then my music played great from my phone. However, when they came out with the android app could not get streamer to connect via app and had to take streamer back to audi and they sent to Oticon to have the latest firmware programed. I now can use the app to control the music to the streamer as well as just using the streamer. Hope this helps.

Thanks to those who responded. As it turned out, I had a followup today with my audiologist. Yes, the streamer needed to be 1.3 version. I had the 1.2. They swapped out my streamer. It was tested and lo and behold I could hear my music via streamer’s bluetooth. I’m a very happy camper now!