Anyone having issues with Apple MFi Hearing Aids?


One thing I’ve noticed is that when loud sounds occur via streaming from the iPhone X with the latest stable software or the TV streamers, my Oticon OPN1 hearing aids does one of the three in decreasing frequency:
1 start clicking
2 occasionally blank out and
3 rarely restart on its own

In all three cases, a restart of the hearing aids fixed the issue.

It may either be faulty streaming protocol or an iOS bug or a programming issue where the streaming sound output exceeded the hearing aids maximum output. Not entirely sure how to best troubleshoot.


@bobbydigital16 & @MrAerodynamic … same issue! Just opened up a bug about it in our new bug tracking system: This is a pilot project and initiative that I’m hoping will help formalize how we track bugs on the Hearing Forums, and eventually bring in manufacturer reps from Hearing Aid companies as well as phone makers.

Keep me in the loop if you hear new information on this issue, because I’d love to keep that report up to date. If you discover workarounds or new strange behaviors, I’ll add those on there too.



@JordanK … we can get your issue up on Redmine as well (i.e. the bug tracker).

I haven’t had time to add Resound on the list yet, but I’ll try get it done in the next few days.


Reminder to please make sure you email to report this issue. Be clear with the problem, reference this thread and convey how serious of an impact this is having.


we can get your issue up on Redmine as well (i.e. the bug tracker).

What’s the point of the bug tracker? Are hearing aid companies going to be monitoring it?


Long story short, yes … that’s the end goal, but it will take some time. Have a look at the conversation on this thread for more details on the bug tracker and how we intend to use it.

Manufacturer representatives (discusses interest in getting manufacturer reps to be more active on the forum; there is a poll at the very top so be sure to vote)

If you have suggestions or feedback, please add it there.


Thanks! I’ll definitely post when you do. I’m kinda like you. I’m a younger guy who has worn hearing aids for many years and I use all the connectivity features extensively. I’m also a picky end user and small issues make me crazy. Really enjoy your comments and detailed reviews.



Thank you for this thread. I’ve been having this same “clicking” problem with my Bernafon Zerina’s. (from Costco). It sounds like I’m listening to an old vinyl record that’s been scratched. It happens with both video and audio (podcasts) and on phone calls. I’ll try some of the suggestions here, but just wanted others to know that my Zerina’s have the same problem.
Thanks, and I look forward to finding a solution.


Hi Scott, how do you like your Zerena so far? It’s pretty new from Costco so a lot of us here on this forum are interested to get more reviews/impressions about it from others who bought the Zerena. Of particular interest for me is I wonder how similar the Zerena is to the Sonic Enchant model that was also released, because Bernafon and Sonic are sister companies and a lot of the features shown on the Zerena seems to mirror the technologies carried by the Enchant. I’ve written up a review of the Enchant recently on this forum. If you have some time to read it and give us your opinion of whether any of it bears a resemblance to the Zerena or not, it’d be greatly appreciated!


As I am continually telling my wife, rebooting solves a multitude of ills. Excellent advice.


Dumb question no doubt, but how do you know the firmware version you’re using?


You can typically get that from the iPhone app for your hearing aids. Look for a screen that says “Versions”, or “About”. If you can tell me what hearing aids you’re using, I might able to give you more precise instructions.


Sorry if this is redundant, wasn’t exactly sure who the question was posed to, or which platform.

For Oticon OPN, open the app on iPhone (Oticon ON). Hit the menu button at the bottom and then select the ellipsis (…), if you touch the graphic image of hearing aid at the top (L or R) you will then see software, firmware and serial numbers displayed for both HAs).



I’m using OPN 1s. I think I figured out it’s V 4.0. Thank you very much.


Fantastic! That worked like a charm and answered my question. I appreciate the help. Thank you so much.


Follow @MrAerodynamic’s instructions and here is what you should see:


Widex just released a firmware update today. I have just installed it, be a few days before I know if it changed all the little issues. So far so good after a couple hours though.


Just wanted to update that I went to IOS 11.1.2 and am still experiencing clicking sound while streaming with Oticon OPN firmware 4.0.


Clarifying question::

You mention “TV streamer” and then provide a list on symptoms (which includes clicking) with behaviors experienced with iPhone.

Just want to make sure I understand, because I have never heard the ‘clicking’ sound while using Oticon TV Adapter 3.0. I consider this significant because I have two different 3.0 TV adapters and have never experienced the clicking sound; I have logged many hours of audio stream from TV adapters. This to me points towards an iPhone specific anomaly, but wanted to clarify whether the clicking is definitive when streaming from TV, and whether that was with 3.0 Oticon TV Adapter.

Thanks in advance.