Anyone have the epoch?


Does anyone have the new epoch yet? Comments on it? I wil be buying a new pair of bte’s this year and would like some feedback. I can’t get the epoch now due to the low power of the product. I expect a new high power model to come out soon though.

Any recommendations on high power bte’s? I can’t wear RITE models due to having constant high moisture in my hears (I used to kill my old 'in the ear hearing aids). Do the seimens or other models that have the 2 bte’s sync make a big difference (noticable)?

Thanks for your input.


Hi Greg,

I recently bought a set of Siemens Centra HP BTEs. They are the best hearing aids I’ve ever owned. The e2e wireless keeps both aids in synch on volume and program which is great once you get the gain set “just right”. It took several tries setting the master gain on each aid to achieve this and it was very well worth the trouble. :smiley:

With e2e, one touch changes the program in both aids and one volume wheel adjusts both aids’ gain up or down. The sound-smoothing is excellent also. I ask my audie to set it to “MIN” since I’m an experienced wearer. “MIN” kicks in at 60dB and knocks the sound down 20dB on “sharp” inputs. :o

They also have outstanding directional mics that work in synch with each other and with modern feedback cancellation - it’s a non-issue. The Centra HP offers a lot of gain (up to 75dB) and still uses a size 13 battery for a small overall size. There are a dozen other features that are too numerous to mention here.

The drawbacks - $$. They retail for over $5,000 each. :mad: Of course you can get a set much cheaper. My set, with an extended 3 year warranty and an ePocket remote cost $4,900. If you can afford them and have a good audie nearby who sells Siemens aids, I highly recommend them.

I just got an Epoq XW RITE. I didn’t get a remote. Today is my first full day wearing it (or wearing any aid for that matter). I’m happy so far, but it will probably take me a while to decide what programs to use where. The button can be used to control volume or program or both and if you need two units, they will work together. I paid less than $5000. I plan to get a bluetooth streamer so I can use it with my BlackBerry.

Just wondering how the Epoq is doing so far. And if the streamer works for you.

I have been wearing a pair of epoq XWs for about a month–the receiver in the ear model. Excellent aids, especially in noise; definite keepers. Previous aids were Sonic Innovations Natura 3 CICs.

The thing that I really like about the epoq is the size and cosmetics. The aid is thin (size 312 battery) and does not make my ears stick out like a size 13 bte. You can’t really see the aid from the front because receiver wire is quite transparent. I’m glad to have all the features too–multiple programs, volume control, telecoil, direct audio input and integrated wireless. Being able to change the volume/program on both aids (via the wireless connection) by only pressing one button is a plus.

I was interested in the Sonic Innovations Velocity but was disappointed that they did not have any mini-bte model. Probably the company will come out with that soon, but I needed new aids right away.

I have classic high frequency hearing loss of moderate amount. My old aids were 4 year old in the ear type. Got my Epoqs 3 days ago I can recommend these to anyone! I can now sit in a crowded restaurant with my wife, eat and hear her speaking as well as the conversations around me all at the same time. I could never do that before! These work so well I have the feeling they are not working at all until I take them off, then I can’t hear. I had no clue the technology had come so far. Yes, you will spend $ for these, but the cost is worth the results to me. I didn’t get the streamer but mine has the capability.

dear greg :
I would think Oticon would like to come up with something hi power this year as the Syncro power is a rather mature product. So your expectation should be more or less right. However, making a high power instrument is no small task- so if something comes up it will be presented @ the UHA in germany next month…
check this link next month to se what has been released

Honda vfr750r

i think the binaural feedback cancelar is a very neat thing

Lovely Wendie99