Anyone have any issues using their Phonak Marvels outdoors?


I wear mine outdoors when I go on my (almost) daily walk. I start one of my radio shows, the phone in my pocket, and away I go. I’ve never experienced any breakup of the Bluetooth signal. This was not the case with previous MFI hearing aids.
The only issue I’ve had so far is wind noise if I make or take a phone call outdoors. (Please note, I do not have an issue with my previous hearing aids. My issue was with the phone.)


I just recently got mine and i can confirm that the Phonak Marvel have some kind of bluetooth connectivity issues.

  1. When outside the streaming will be cut up (Connected to my android phone)
  2. On my tower (direct connectivity) the usb bluetooth adapter is located behind the computer and it’s very spotty and choppy when streaming audio of any kind be it music, games, movies etc. BUT when i moved the adapter to the front of the computer the issues seems to have gone away. This shows me that they might have but in a not that great quality of bluetooth device in the hearing aids or that mine are somewhat defective.
  3. Phone calls are unbearable for the other person, they can barely hear me and and for them my voice would get choppy and missing words.

My normal bluetooth headsets would not have this issue at all and they are quite old now. I will be trying to contact Phonak and my audiologist about my issues. Hope it’s a defect so they can change it/ fix it fast.

But when it does work, the sound is great, has good depth(depending on the molds) unfortunately doesn’t have too much bass. Also works well for basic hearing aids.


They were replaced as they were defective. My new replacement has none of the issues that I had encountered previously. Streaming is great works on any bluetooth device. Hands down best HA at the moment.


Glad your problems are solved!!


I’m glad you got that resolved. I’m really counting my blessings that I haven’t run into some of these issues.


I’m also experiencing frequent drop-outs when streaming outdoors from my Android phone. Interestingly, the drop-outs are affected by my head movements. If I turn my head slightly to left or right, the sound cuts out for a half second. I have to hold very still to keep it from occurring. The problem only occurs outdoors in open spaces, but when it does, it happens every few seconds.


thats due to sterio zoom vs opns fixed directional