Anyone have a Dish hopper + surflink mobile?

i’m trying to gather info for my dad, according to his user manual he has silvertone RIC 312 50WD which he got from sears.

i am looking for feedback, personal experiences with these devices working together. Specifically how well the bluetooth audio streaming works. that is essential to their decision in ordering the hopper.

does anyone happen to have this setup? how well does it work? and positives/ negatives that stand out that would be helpful to mention? any additional info provided would be greatly appreciated.


I have the Dish Network Hopper and Resound Alera (Costco Future) hearing aids, along with the Resound Phone Clip (bluetooth device).

Two thumbs up from me. I noticed that some shows are harder for me to follow and understand the dialogue than others so when I watch one of those shows I switch to bluetooth streaming (built into the Hopper) and it transmits directly to my Phone Clip and then to my hearing aids. With the Resound device there is no noticeable delay and the room speakers can stay up if other people are in the room. If no one else is watching I will turn down the room speakers just because it sounds better to me to just get the sound through the devices.

One issue I have is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to reconnect to bluetooth on the Hopper once you disconnect. I have to delete the paired device, then put my Resound Phone Clip in pairing mode and click find device on the Hopper. It is annoying but actually only takes about a minute. There may be a fix for that or some setting I have overlooked but it really doesn’t bother me.

I can’t speak to how it would work with Starkey but with Resound it is a very good setup. It never drops out once connected and I can walk out of range and come back and the sound comes back once in range.

For those who are wondering what we are talking about, the Dish Network DVR receiver called the Hopper has built in bluetooth streaming and with the bluetooth device for your hearing aids, can transmit sound to your hearing aids without an additional transmitter.

Talking just about the Hopper, I would get it regardless of the hearing aid issues. It can record 3 shows at once (3 tuners) and you can add additional Hoppers if needed, and still watch any show recorded on any Hopper on any tv. But most of us will just need the one Hopper and a “Joey” for every other TV, so up to 4 TVs can connect to one Hopper (but remember, only 3 tuners). One interesting thing is that the Hopper, using only one tuner, can record all the Prime Time shows for the 4 major networks, every day. It keeps them in a folder and keeps them for 8 days. So that leaves the other two tuners for recording shows like Swamp People, Storage Wars, Doomsday Preppers, and all the other fine, high quality shows on now. That’s why they say it can record 6 shows at once. That is only true during Prime Time hours.