Anyone going to AAA in Boston?

Thought it might be fun to meet briefly and put some faces to names…

I actually quite fancy that, what are the dates this year?

March 28th - 31st.

I might, Anybody has an idea what is going to be release

Okay, so even though I just had surgery Monday I will STILL be going to AAA on Wednesday. If anyone is going and interested in meeting even if for only a couple minutes or lunch one day…either PM me or post on here and we can figure out a time.

Don’t know what will be announced as new releases…those are usually kept pretty well-hidden until the actual release at AAA…

It’s ok, if you send your LearJet :wink: over to pick me up first I’ll be there. Actually I can’t as I have a family thing to attend, I would have liked to have gone though, as it’s the nearest to here.

Alas, my leer is busy flying my kids to Barbados for the time I’ll be in Boston…cuz, y’know, I’m secretly a millionaire because of all the hearing aids I sell and how much the mark-up is…lol.