Anyone familiar with Century Online for Repairs?

I sent Century my LEFT BTE hearing aid THREE MONTHS AGO. It was promptly sent back with a much too-long speaker link.
The second speaker link that I was provided with was for a RIGHT hearing aid.
The third speaker link was too short and would not reach my ear.

I sent it back. Now Century will not refund my money. I reported them to the New Jersey BBB. Here’s the answer Century gave the BBB:


As a full legitimate business operating for over 10 years, we strive for customer satisfaction. However, being that we cannot satisfy all customers, we offer a full refund in case the customer is not satisfied. In this case, the customer returned his item 4 times and filed a credit card dispute. Even though we tried to go above and beyond, the customer was still not satisfied. Therefore, we requested the credit card processor to issue a full refund. Due to the filed dispute, this will take longer.

Two months since the last return and Century won’t refund my money. Their repair subcontractor, HearingServices (now called HearSource) refunded the money back to Century)…

The amount is $333.50 plus $60.00 shipping. Any Ideas?