Anyone ever order from Genesis Hearing Labs?

I had my ears tested and was told I do need a hearing aid.

I could not possibly afford the prices my audi was charging so I searched on line.

I am considering ordering a hearing aid from Genesis Hearing Labs but am concerned about adjustments and things like that down the road.

Has anyone ever ordered from them? Please any information would be appreciated.


Which specific product were you looking at?

You are correct, the biggest issue with buying online is that there is no expert to guide you through the process of fitting and rehabilitation. There is no one there to make adjustments for you. Down the road, you may have trouble getting the aid adjusted, cleaned, serviced, and reprogrammed.

Any back up you get from Genesis is going to involve you shipping the aid to them at your expense. Insured postage is probably going to be $25 every time you send it to them. Once the warranty runs out, they will add on repair charges too.

Thank you for your reply. I will not be ordering a hearing aid on line. After reading all the posts I realize that hearing aids require quite a bit of adjustments and I need to find someone local.


I purchased from Genesis and found it to be a very pleasant and money saving experience. There is a 60 day money back guarantee and the name brand hearing aids that I received performed far superior to the ones that the local audi had provided.

I provided an audigram to Genesis and received their recommendation on open fit hearing aids. They mailed them, I put them on and never had to return them for adjustment. Genesis was helpful in the process. However, I figured that even it they had to be returned, the time mailing them back and have them returned was going to be much shorter than the two week waiting period that it took to get an appointment with the local audi, not to mention the gas and trip to the local audi. Postage is much cheaper. Likewise, any repair was going to be less expensive than the local audi who always had to send the aids to the company for repair too.

I do not think that mail order is for everyone, but for some of us, it works out much better and less expensive than a local audi.

Try other H/A providers such as the HearingPlanet.:slight_smile:

I had purchase two Siemens Cielo life digital hearing aids from Genesis in Colorado Springs Colorado. I got them in June of 2008. They are pretty tough little buggers. I have dropped them and they keep on ticking. I finally did the left side in when it fell into water inside my boats live well. I dried them out and they worked for a two month period and today it finally quit on me. The shop I bought them from has excellent customer service and after a year and a half, the left one stopped working. I sent it back $20 insurance included and they replaced it with a new one under warranty within three weeks. You really can’t go wrong with this outfit. I had my audiogram faxed from my house to their place of business and from there they told me that my choice of aid I found on their site would do just fine. $1700 later I am enjoying my music and Home theatre every day of the week. :slight_smile:

Agreed! I now need a new one for my left ear due to abuse from dropping them in the water.

Yes I have chad three sets over many years. No problems getting them fixed ,the molds I would suggest getting them from your audioligist a better fit. They are as quick as my audioligist about 1-2 weeks for repairs or adjusments. Call them and ask them for more. Info they are a great group of people . Good luck