Anyone ever buy from

My local audiologist quoted $1900 each for a pair of Siemens Artis 2 BTE’s. offers them for $1100 each, a huge savings.

I know that you usually get what you pay for, but if people have had good experiences with openfitonline, maybe I’d give it a shot.

I realize there are other hassles of going with an online store (such as having to find a local dispenser to properly fit them, etc. and paying a small fee for that service), but at a $1600 savings, I might be willing to live with some hassles.

Also, in the board’s collective experience, does a reputable audiologist typically negotiate from the stated price? In my case, I’m going to ask the audi to come down off the $1900 price but am wondering if I’m probably wasting my breath.

Saving $800 might seem like a lot. Yet, I think you need to consider the expertise of a local professional, the ability for you to return to their office for follow ups, adjustments, periodic cleaning of the instruments, retesting of the ear, reprogramming, etc. Also, many dispensers/Audi’s offer long term or even lifetime of in office services with their hearing aids, which is often worth much more than the $800 you might save.

In addition, you may have a difficult time finding a local professional that will even take you on as a patient, particularly if they are purchased online.

Thus, the costs and benefits always need to be weighed out.

Got to agree with Admin here.

You can save $1,600 up front. But who is going to do all the follow up work? Your new cheaper hearing aids are not patient adjustable. Your local hearing professional is unlikely to be all that thrilled about assuming all your patient care without having made the initial profit that pays for staff, rent, utilities bills, advertising, and other costs associated with running a busy hearing center.

Your local hearing professional is not trying to rip you off, but he has expenses that are considerably higher than an online company has. Most hearing professionals offer life time free service and adjustments.

It depends on your hearing professional with regards to price. There is a difference between the price they want to charge and what they are willing to accept. Half a cake is better than no cake at all. So it’s worth a try.

Finally, consider Farm Bureau. They have a program that offers discounts of up to 50% off traditional hearing aid prices. It’s a very competitive program.

i also agree with admin

i know of someone who bought 2 oticon deltas 4000 at less than 1000$ each in china but spend a lot of money getting them refitted right