Anyone ever buy from eBay?

Has anybody ever bought a hearing aid from eBay? I’m really leery to, especially since local audiologist would likely not program it. But considering the price, getting something for a few hundred dollars seems like a good deal. I guess you might have to get a new earmold made (such as for a CIC). I wonder, though, if buying something used might “get you buy” until you could afford a high-priced model?

In all likelihood, I realize that buying on eBay probably isn’t the way to go. I’m just thinking aloud here and wondered if anyone had ever tried this?

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Thanks for the link.

Sometimes Search works, sometimes it a time sink.

Yes. I think that many new users might think along the same lines, especially since one can get just about anything on Ebay.
I got a sweet deal on some second hand HAs, and turned a small profit when I took advantage of the HA trade in offer
It was a good experience, I got to fiddle with dials and learn how to put in batteries with none of the apprehension of cluelessly ditzing around with a set of HAs that cost thousands.

But at the same time I was reading and researching and realized that HAs are complex and they have to be programmed just for the person wearing them.
If you find an audi that would do it for you, it might be OK. But audis are professionals like doctors and so on and you are paying for knowledge and experience, not just the small amount of time it takes to program, so by the time you are done it is possible that you might spend near what you would have spent on a new set from AH.

My hearing is precious and I saw what a good rep AH has. Their prices are reasonable, their service is excellent. So to me, getting a quality set of HAs that was made for me was worth the cost.

I am trying to compare this aid with other’s - I was told that the Costco Signature2 was identical to the Rexton 125, but I could find no such Rexton aid. I did find a Rexton Gem 12 - but an internet site shows that to be very expensive:

Rexton Gem 12 RIC Hearing Aid
List Price: $2,799.00
Our Price:$1,999.00*
(price per aid)

I don’t think costco could sell an almost identical product for less than half price.

Secondly, does the Bernafon Brite have features that make it worth and additional $1,200 a pair.

These will be my first aids and I am just overwhelmed with information.
Thanks for any help.

In my opinion, the situations of buying from eBay is acceptable providing:
1 it is Open Ear Model and I may change the tube easily.
For CIC, it needs tailor made.
2 it is programmable and easily to adjust with the PC.
Going to the audiologist to get an audiogram, you may adjust it yourselves. For example, some manufacturer is selling the program kit at around $150.

I’m in the process of seeking BTE in canal hearing aides. I’ve explored Siemans Pure 500, Oticon Dual Mini 7, and Starkeys S Series.

After going to several hearing aide clinics, I realized that the bundling that they use would never allow me to afford this type of hearing aide.
I than discovered several EBay sights. Try this one and you will be amazed. It is bidbybid. Thay have been on EBay for nine years, sold 15,000 hearing aided with ZERO negative responses. Their prices on Siemans Pure are much less than half of the stores that I visited. They program, offer a free thirty day trial period, and you can send aides to them with reprogram issues forever! It almost sounds too good, but I’ve researched them and they are real. I’m sure that there are more sights that will allow us to “conquer the bundling” that allows local providers to hide the real cost of service! Please advise if you find other sites, as I have not yet decided to buy!

bidbybid from my personal experience is highly reliable…competant and they sell aids for about 60% of what a typical professional charges. But they only sell Siemens. Siemens in my opinion make fine state of the art aids so this is usually not a problem.

So many of the other big name manufacturers will not sell to Ebay or internet retailers in order to secure the approval of their main customers…the professional audiologists and dispensers. That’s just good business practice but it’s not so good for consumers because it limits price competition. Ed

If you want big name aids such as Oticon/Phonak you might keep watching on EBay and Craigslist. From time to time a used set of hearing aids will be sold.

Be aware of which model is being sold. Usually it will be a generation back (or at least close to being replaced by newer technology). Though, that’s not necessarily that bad.

Be very very aware of predators. Don’t put your trust in PayPal guarantees. Understand and put your trust in credit card chargeback rights given to you by state and federal law. Insure that a PayPal payment is 100% funded via a credit card and not via PayPal balance, and not via your banking account. You will lose your credit card chargeback rights with the latter two funding methods. Your funding choices may be difficult and limited by PayPal if you buy and sell with the same PayPal account.

This I didn’t know. It’s been ages since I sold anything on eBay however, I’m planning to sell some stuff soon. Should I open a separate PP account for sales?

I have not bought from BIDBYBID but other have reported him to be quite reliable. He frequents this forum.

Are you near a Coctco? Thats where I got Rexton Cobalt 16s (Sieman pure 700s) with Blutooth gadget for $3000 AND local service.

That’s what I do. Separate accounts for buying/selling.

You can use the same credit card number. But you will need to keep separate email/Ebay/PayPal accounts. For keeping track of the separate email I use a Pop3 client (Thunderbird) to collect mail from various Gmail accounts. You will need to be careful which account you logon with before buying, selling or even responding to email. I have become used to it.

If you choose not to have separate accounts then PayPal will make your life miserable until you connect PayPal to your banking account. And there goes your credit card chargeback rights out the window.

I purchased two new Resound Dot2-10’s from ebay recently. The items came as described and work fine. The only issue I have is that I am new to hearing aids, and I am a do-it-yourselfer to a fault. I now have these in and operating, but they have not yet been programmed. Even still, they are amazing and I enjoy being able to hear again. I am sure many are going to chastise me for the way I went about it, but i saved over 2 grand. I am investigating audio’s in my area to get an updated gram and have these adjusted perfectly. If I could do it myself… I would (betcha couldnt have guessed that).

After you have a current audiogram you could program these yourself. Though , you will have to spend approximately $750/$800 for the programming hardware. The programming software (Aventa 2.9) is available free.

Also there are regular Dot sellers on EBay. Though they are located in the UK. But you might inquire if they would program yours and how much for shipping.

Thanks P.
I will look into it.

Another programming option is sometimes to buy a piece of additional kit, for example there is a place in the UK where if you buy the Siemens Tek from them they will program the Tek to your hearing aids for free. You mail the Tek in with your audiogram and they will do the whole shebang of programming not just the bit of setting up the Tek, it’s a sweetener for them to sell you the Tek. So if you are considering any remotes it may be a way to get second-hand or online hearing aids set up.

Also be aware that the Dot Dot30s for sale on EBay are not the new Dot2 Dot30s.

How do they differ?

Externally, you can tell them apart from the pushbutton on Dot 2. Regular Dot did not have any external buttons. Dot 2 has some of the newer features which they wrap up into the ‘Surround Sound Processor’.