Anyone else TOO far from a Costco for it to be a viable choice?

Or in the wrong country?? I live near Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY. The top closest Costcos are in Canada, and the next closest is in Cleveland, 165 miles away.

Neither are an option for me!!

Considering you would save thousands of dollars and get double the warranty, it would have to be a far, far, distance.

St Catharines, Ontario is close to you and Rochester and Syracuse are getting Costco’s and Costco is looking for a site to build in Buffalo, so you shouldn’t have to wait much longer. Drive to St Catharines and get your HA’s and when Costco comes to Buffalo just transfer to that store. I know customs is a pain but the savings is worth it.

don’t rule out Costco quite yet.

remember: a very fine pair of kirkland aids (resound verso 9) is


$1899 there, including a great remote.

shop around, but keep that nimber


in mind.

unbeatable quality, too, for 94 percent of us. IMHO


canada has fine Tim Hortons, too

I agree, drive the 2+ hours, save $$$$, It will be well worth it.

Seb, I hope you have inside info about a Costco coming to Buffalo!!! We are waiting. A BJ’s just moved from about a mile from my house. We were hoping that Costco might want the building!!

Elijah, we have zillions of Timmys here; one is next to the BJ’s that closed.

[BTW, BJs is like Costco and Sam’s, but only in the East, and I notice that you both are far, far away from the East!

Not entirely accurate to refer to the Kirkland as the Verso 9, as while it has some features of the 9, it is missing a few major ones (binaural fusion).

That being said, I have many satisfied folks using the the Verso 7 and Verso 5, and this remains an outstanding value.

Karen doesn’t have to go to Canada to go to a Tim Hortons, Buffalo has several franchises and they are also in 10 other states besides New York.

I am very familiar with the Audiologists in/around that area (that is where I got my degree). If you are looking for someone trustworthy to see, please PM.

I just googled Costco in Buffalo, New York and the top entry said that they were looking for a site in Buffalo, New York. They also said they were building stores in Rochester and Syracuse and I was astounded that right now they have NO stores open in upstate New York.

PMs are not working right now, and haven’t been for a few weeks. The admins are working on it, but there is no known date for when it will be fixed. You’ll need to give another form of contact info.

thank you for the informed correction!


Binaural Fusion is just ReSound’s marketing term for two features: Binaural Directionality and Binaural Environmental Optimizer II. Both of these are available in the Kirkland 5.0 product.

Agreed on the terminology, but I haven’t seen any evidence of this on a spec sheet. Do you have anything more than the blurry tiny pic we all squinted at a few days ago?

EVIDENCE! yesterday I spoke with Sam, a very careful and experienced fitter at the 4th ave Costco in seattle. He confirmed that the new
KS5, kirkland Signature 5 is very close to the Resound Verso 9, and has e2e communication between the Left aid and the Right aid.

There is more confirmation on this Forum, but i cannot put my finger on it right now.

thanks to everyone who helps with detective work! Elijah

Here’s the page, but the forum software is shrinking down my 1.37 MB file to 99.8 KB, so I’m not sure how viewable it will be.

Thanks RB, I stand corrected. This makes an already great deal a stunning one.

The KS562 Benefits are almost word for word the Resound Verso Benefits shown in the Product Overview Brochure for the Verso 962.

Here’s the KS562 specification page for comparison purposes.

Thanks!!! Very helpful!!!
Is the number of Bands 15 or 16? The Verso 962 has 17.
A number of specifications that the Verso 962 lists are omitted but are listed on the KS562 Benefits sheet you posted earlier.