Anyone do self programming via the iCube?

Is the following true?

I have never used the iCube before but i am going to start using it to program my aids, just came across that guide and not sure if that was a single circumstance?

Is it actually possible for the iCube to shut down your hearing aids so that they stop working or become unprogrammable?

Do i need to use fresh batteries each time?

I really don’t want to be sending my aids back for reformatting.


It would help to know what brand and model hearing aids you have and want to program.

The iCube is used with Phonak and, I believe, Unitron hearing aids ALONG with the proper software program and version - older HA models use ‘iPFG’ and new models use ‘Target’ software. Be aware, that there are different versions of the software for different HA, i.e. iPFG 2.6b, Target 3.2.

I had experience with self programming and never came across or experienced what the article mentioned. ALL programming should be done with fresh batteries, and the programs remind you - just makes sense.

Had the same problem with programming my first set of Phonak. The batteries in my aids were too weak to receive the signals from the ICUBE. Had to return to Phonak, but luckily they were under warranty. ALWAYS install new batteries before programming and I always use a direct correct to my computer rather than risking a missed transmission using Bluetooth.

Which model of Phonak hearing aids are you using? What about software - which verson/model are you using?

I am using the Phonak Audeo Yes V aids and i have the IPFG 2.6c installed, does it really matter what aids i have or version i use?

Let me get this straight, if i happen to have the iCube and my aids connected to IPFG but my batteries just happen to run out, even if i’m not actually changing any settings, then i may need to send my aids back to Phonak?

Sound like i may have bought the wrong fitting equipment.

Teabojay, iPFG is the correct fitting software for the Audeo Yes. (Later HA’s need to be programmed with Phonak’s Target software)

The reason that everyone is telling you to have good batteries in your HA’s is because the iPFG software is continually communicating with them whilst programming. If the communication is interrupted your HA’s will hang in limbo and need professional tools to restore them. The iCube is very convenient for programming as it is wireless. I would recommend connecting the iCube to your PC by way of the USB (although it can use Bluetooth).


The whole reason i bought this over the Hi-Pro is that it’s all wireless, if i use Bluetooth like i intended to, can the same thing happen if the connection breaks and can my aids become gonners?

Others have reported difficulties with establishing a Bluetooth connection between the iCube and the PC. Give it a try, you may be successful. The important thing is when you have finished making adjustments and you go through the save process, do make sure that you have good batteries everywhere. Interruptions between the PC and the iCube will not affect your HA’s but just for the 5 seconds that the iCube is writing to them there must not be any interruption.

This caution is probably overstated just to make us aware that IF it should happen it could be a big hassle to get it rectified by Phonak.


Ok thanks for the help.

I have managed to get this connected with Bluesoleil and it pairs it up as a Bluetooth device, only problem is when going on to IPFG, i click the iCube icon on the right side and it says “No Bluetooth functionality was found on this computer”.

Does this mean that i need a Broadcom adapter for this to work? or do i have the purchase the one that usually comes with the iCube?

Why don’t you just plug the I-Cube in with the micro-USB connector?

You need a Bluetooth adapter to plug into a USB connector on your computer to transmit to the iCUBE. as has been said a number of times, unless your going to walk around the room and program (not likely), just use the direct connect…

Ah, it’s fine, got it sorted now.