Anyone dissatisfied with Roger Pen

Roger Pen seems to be working for many of you, but not for me. It barely makes a difference. It’s a Phonak Roger Pen Mic + 1 Roger x 15 rcvr. My aids are Phonak NaidaQ50Ric.

Possibly they are not programmed properly, could that be the case?

How are you using it?

I’m using it as described, carefully. I have a Bluetooth in one hearing aid and the other aid is a cross hearing aid. My audi hooked it up to a separate program on my aid, which I can press the buttons accordingly for the Roger Pen. With TV I have to stand in front of the TV to hear human sounds.

I used it on TV, restaurants, driving with road noise and nothing is working for me. When I put it on a table in a restaurant the sounds are so magnified it hurts my ears.
My Audi said he’s not familiar with Roger Pen because no one buys it, so he’s learning too. But, I will turn it in for my trial basis in 10 days. It’s not for me and am sad.

For the TV, do you have the base station plugged into the TV, or are you just putting the pen in front of the speaker? If the latter, try the former.

The roger pen is really made for another person to wear around their neck. If you are putting down at a table at a restaurant it’s not going to do much. Try the Roger Select instead. Also, ask your provider to make a second roger program where the HA mics are turned off, so that you can cut out more surrounding noise (aka road noise) when it is interfering with you hearing the speaker.

I don’t own the Roger Select but I did trial it for 2 weeks.

It is loads better then the Pen in every way possible. So much clearer.

Yes, it was plugged at the base station for TV.

For road noise I can turn down my HA’s to the comfort mode and helps.

My audiologist didn’t know anything about Roger Select, I had to explain it to him. So, maybe I get another audiologist for the Select.