Anyone can help me

Hi Xbuilder, Admin, all senior or junior members:
I have been wearing Belton CSP-II programmable analog hearing aids since 1999 and satisfy with it. However, Beltone stopped producing it since 2005. I have tried so many digital hearing aids, high-end to low-end of more than 12 models, but none of them succeeded.
My job requires clear speech and therefore a pair of right hearing aid is vital to me for my job and my life.

Can anyone give me suggestion for my following hearing loss.

250-500 Hz 40db
750 45
1000-1500 50
2000 55
3000-7000 60
8000 65

Speech discrimination
Right Left
SRT 45db 40
discrimination 84% 84%
72db 70db


You can try Danavox, I know for sure they still make those aids,
I believe Phonak makes analoge aids or u could try
ergo from Oticon…

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if you do try ergo from oticon
ask them to use PC as an output limiter
maybe your old analogue instrument had a PC rather than a AGC


Yes, Phonak still has the “classic line”, I believe is what they call it.

Otherwise, you could try the Phonak Extra and have the audi set the compression scheme to DSC, which is more similar to analog processing. Many former analog users cannot stand WDRC compression, which is what most digital circuits use today.

oticon SUMO DM also have an identity call Linear,
but it is a waste of money to spend that much money
to set it on linear…
If you are fan of GN/beltone they have something analogue
call the Viking U can try this. It is a trimmer aid


Hi all:
Thanks for all the suggestions.
However, none of them succeeded.
First, my favour Beltone. For analog HA in Canada, there is only one model available, it is called Linear P. However, I felt the sound was too loud in loud situation, but speech is not clear in quiet situation. Beltone said I should not notice the difference between Linear P and CSP-II. However, I feel big difference in hearing speech. There is no Viking model in Canada.
Secondly, Ergo from Oticon.
I tried the BTE and found that the sound was too sharp and made my ear very uncomfortable. I also could not hear well with speech. Maybe I think this is due to the sound is too sharp. The dispenser made it lower and then I felt I could not hear clearly for the speech.
I tried Phonak BTE called Pico Forte. It is worse than Oticon Ergo. I also returned it.
Hello all, what other models I can try?
In my experience, I have tried Starkey Accent I in 2004 for one year. It was good for three months and then they were broken. After they repaired the hearing aids, they were never as good as before. I remembered I tried to put a plastic plug into the vent and it sounded better, but I felt very uncomfortable and later I just took it out.
My friend, should I give up or should I try something else. Should I try Starkey Accent III?
I also have tried Beltone ONE,Mira, Resound Pulse, Bernafon Brite, Flair etc.


this is a case for a HIT, I would recomend to do the following
Have your audi ?se the instrument you like the most and analise it using a hearing instrument test box. Save those parameters and ask him to dispense an analoge instrument and match the gain… this should do the trick

you could try SUMO E or SUMO XP both analog from Oticon


Hi Xbuilder:
My audiology have tried something like you described for Bernafon Flair, but it didn’t work. I asked her whether she could try for Oticon Ergo. She said since Ergo was an analog aid, she could not do it. She said she could only do it for a digital HA. Is she right?
Also, I will try the other Oticon model that you mentioned. Thanks for your quick response.

She is resourcefull, it generally helps with those clients…

I would try the SUMO XP, but this is an aid for servere to profound aid, and Im not sure this is for you…

Maybe you could try some of the Resound Aids, they do sell analogue instruments… under their Danavox brand still maybe you can have that special order. or something/./.

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Hi Xbulder:
Have you dispensed Starkey Genesis DX? My dispenser told me that this is a digital hearing aid but can be adjusted like analog. Please comment on this hearing aid and whether this will work for my hearing loss.


Hi Xbulder:
I called Beltone today and the customer service man told me CSP-II has an input compression before processing the sound while other model of anlaog hearing aid has only output compression and that’s why I hear a big difference of speech.
Xbuler, do you know any hearing aid has input compression before processing the sound?
Appreciate the sharing of your knowledge.

I have not dispense starkey, but a digital hearing aid can be fitted to be analogue. For example the Oticon sumo DM, has an identity call Clasic and it fits the aid as a analogue instrument. I think you can do the same with many other aids, this is a somewhat unusual request…

I would defenitely give it a try, can you special order the beltone?
have you talk to them?


starkey do sell analogue instruments,
why do you just buy an analogue instrument from them?
this would be a cheaper choice ?
I know they still sell analogue for a fact

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Hi Xbulder:
I did requested to have special order for PSC-II from Beltone. However, Beltone said they would not make this model again. They only left another model called Linear P but it’s not good.

For Starkey, do you know which analog model is still available?


ergo has the AGC I
why dont you try to call A&M, i think they have agc I

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let me research on this

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Hi Xbulder:
What is AGC1? What is A & M?

Yes, the Oticon Sumo (for more severe/profound) can be a good choice. You could also try the Phonak Extra and change the compression scheme to DSC instead of WDRC and that works well. The Phonak Supero can also be programmed to sound just like an analog also.

You can also always just get an analog aid, such as from Phonak (classic line) or from smaller labs such as Prairie Labs who still have analog and even push/pull circuits still available.

If it’s a BTE you need, I even still have a few Starkey analog BTE’s 13 in stock in my office.

Starkey also, I think, still sells analogs too and there are also some smaller labs out there, like Prairie, that still make them too.

Hi Admin:
Are you a hearing aid dispenser? Are you in US? :I live in Toronto, Canada area. Thanks for refering so many analog models.
However, if I have choices, I would rather like ITC model. If not, I could try BTE.
For ITC analog models, which one is still available now?
If no ITC analog, which BTE model is still available.
I am just joking, whether you can sell hearing aid to me if you are close to Buffalo?


A&m is a brand of hearing aids own by siemens