Anybody using the ReSound Micro Mic or Multi Mic?

I’m currently in a trial with ReSound Linx[SUP]2[/SUP] RIC’s with open domes. I think I’m going to go with these at this point.
It looks like the Micro Mic or Multi Mic is a accessory I’d be interested in having.

If anybody here has either one, I’d sure appreciate feedback on how you like them and for the situations you find them useful in.

I think they would be handy to have in noisy environments in a restaurant, walking outside with my wife, or riding in the car. For what I wan’t, the Micro Mic should suffice. I don’t think I’d use any of the addition features the Multi Mic unit has.

Is there any perceivable time-delay with these that might cause any kind of an echo effect when using with open dome HA’s? That’s probably my biggest concert.

I may be able to get a trial on these from my Audi before making a purchase but I thought I’d ask here first. Any help or thoughts will be appreciated.

I was wondering how these would work if placed in front of my center speaker in order to hear the dialog better?

Frankly, I wouldn’t even try using one for that. If you are having trouble with TV dialogue while wearing properly adjusted HA’s, then it’s a limitation in your audio system that is the cause and even people with perfectly normal hearing are going to have the same issue. This is a universal problem with home theater audio systems. There are receivers out now that deal with this problem. Google the terms Dynamic EQ or Dynamic Volume. The one you read most often about is technology from a company called Audyssey. My wife has normal hearing and I have her interested in upgrading our home theater audio system and I will be looking into it soon after I get my new HA’s paid for.

My receiver has this and it was adjusted using Audyssey, but I cancelled it out to turn up the dialog. I will check into the Dynamic EQ and Volume. Should I have this turned back on or keep it off?

Audyssey is dynamic EQ and volume technology. So, you should be good to go there. Are others in your family not having problems with dialog like you are even while using your HA’s? Have you discussed the situation with your Audi?
If you are using open domes, swapping out to closed or power domes or even custom molds and using a TV Streamer 2 might be a good option to try.

I did a demo with the TV Streamer 2. It didn’t work for me well with open domes but I think it would work great with closed. Likewise for streaming music through the Phone Clip +.

Yes - that works reasonably well with my older generation Resound Mini Mic. Not as good as the tv streamer, but not bad.

I assume you wear open domes. I see in the specs that the latency on the Mini Mic is 20ms and is the same as the newer Micro Mic and Multi Mic. Do you detect any echo effect when using your MIni Mic in this way?
How about when you use it in other situations, is that latency ever evident?

How would it work for custom ear molds?

Closed domes. No detectable audio delay

Closed domes. I have never noticed any discernible audio delay. I use it mostly with the TV as described. I also use it at my gym - plug it into the audio jack on a treadmill to stream audio from gym tv to my AIDS. I have Never used it much as the product is intended.

Is the FM feature the only difference between these?

What is the biggest difference?

Tv streamer is directly connected to the sound source rather than the sound being picked up by mini mike speaker. Mini mike can also be direct connect via tv out headphone jack, but that also mutes tv speaker.

Can likely accomplish the same thing with a new blue tooth capable tv and phone clip + and not need tv streamer or mini mike. I just bought such a tv and will soon be giving that a try.

I presently use Phone Clip + with my smart phone, tablet, and office phone (via an old Plantronics device).

If you connect the mini to the TV headphone jack does it allow the HA to hear other sounds similar to how it works when streaming? I can connect via BT, but I cannot hear anything else. On my main TV there is a setting that allows the audio to come out of the speakers and headphones at the same time.

I am thinking the Multi-Mic will be the best option for me. I can connect to my TV via the headphone jack and I can sit it on a table when we play cards. But I have one concern about it. Below is the info concerning using the inline cable for the TV. The note concerning where to put the Multi-Mic is confusing to me.

“From an external, analogue audio source. In line-in mode the Multi Mic can receive audio from an audio device such as a mobile phone, MP3 player, tablet, computer or TV. To use this mode, the audio device must be connected to the Multi Mic using a mini-jack cable (included with the Multi Mic). When an audio device is connected, line-in mode will automatically be selected. Other modes can be selected by clicking on the mode button until the desired mode is reached. In this mode, the hearing aid user will wear the Multi Mic or have it nearby.”

Can I have this at the TV or will I have to have a long cable and have it sit beside me? I have a visit this morning with my Audi to get some adjustments made and I may order this at that time. But the note has me concerned.

It would cost extra money of course but you might want to think about getting the Micro Mic and the TV Streamer 2. The TV Streamer 2 has an adjustment on it to compensate for echo that the Multi Mic does not. The echo effect with a TV would only be a concern with open domes however. It has to do with the timing between the TV’s speaker sound and the sound that goes through the jacks and through the transmitter.
I did a demo with the TV Streamer and the Linx2 with open domes. I did have the echo but I didn’t play with the adjustments so I don’t know how they would have worked.

If I were you, I’d demo these components before putting your money down if you can do that.

I will check to see if I can demo any of these. Do these work with DD or will it have to be PCM?

Will I have any echo with custom ear molds?

Custom ear molds aren’t open like open domes are even if they have a vent hole. So no, there shouldn’t ever be an echo effect with them. Never used them though. Just seems logical.

Well, the vent hole is specified at time of order. It can be large or small. It won’t be open fit but it can pass LF to varying degree based on size specified.

I found out my vent is a medium. I was surprised that the Multi was $10 more than the streamer. My Audi made some adjustments and I will check them out before deciding.