Anybody get diagnosed with SSHL and get cured ? (15 day since diagnosed currently)

Has anybody who got diagnosed with SSHL in either their right or left ear get treatment and get cured ??

I have minor hearing loss of about 30db in my right ear. May have been a virus started with weeks of migraines headaches and behind eye throbbing. Then boom muffled sounds and tinnitis.

today is day 15. I was on steroid therapy for about 8 days, tapered off now. Audio test are pretty good which im grateful for. Yet I dont feel too different, tinnitus has heightened and still feel muffled on certain sound levels in real life.

Any tips or support would be great.

welcome :pray:

Continuation with your doctor of Treatment plan for 3 months ( don’t use HA ) after the ABR determines your future fate. Perhaps it is a virus for a short period and your hearing will return to that, or perhaps another 30 dB loss will continue. Be sure to follow up and stay away from all hearing problems.

Hi Toti,

Thanks for the response. Im 30 years old and fairly healthy. So it shocked me. The headaches and migraines went away the day after I got the hearing loss which is odd. My doctor pretty much tapered me off of prednisone after the audio tests came back better but thought that was also odd.

Two questions, what is HA ? and ABR mean

HA =hearing aid
ABR = Audiogram

ask your doctor explain more about it . if you need it or n

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@Toti My friend I’ve told you this before “ABR” is not a standard audiogram it is “Auditory Brainstem Response” and it is a completely different test. Please stop using that term here as it’ll confuse people.

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that’s correct, i mean test like in your profile Audiogram ، my audi told me is ABR after your link i knew now thanks .

Oh okay. I get audiograms every time I visit.

I past all audio tests the last time failing 1 out of 8 test which is pretty good.

My ear with the issues still don’t like audio outside of the audiogram real life audio still makes my ear shiver.

Also feel since I stopped prednisone in getting tinnitus in both ears now.

30 year old going on 80

I’m sorry to read you have sshl.

My left ear was impacted by this in Oct 2014. I got up one morning, and walking from bed to bathroom, the ear felt like it filled up with water; and hearing decreased. I got in to my PCP immediately. Unfortunately she treated it as an ear infection for 2 weeks; by the time I was sent to ENT, he said it was likely too late to reverse it. He said if it be reversed at all, the intratympanic injections must happen within the first 4 to 5 days. I did have the intratympanic injections of steroids. There was slight improvement after the first 3; 2 weeks break and then I had another round of 3. But it didn’t help. I had moderate hearing loss and started using a hearing aid in that one ear, which helped greatly. The tinnitus was a nuisance.

Jump forward to Sept 2019, I was sitting watching TV and suddenly all the sound changed. My left ear (the first one impacted) is now profound loss; and the right is moderate. Nov 1 2019 I picked up a new pair of hearing aids which were helping. The tinnitus wa==is much louder, constant, and in both ears.

The ENT I saw thought that maybe 8 years of high doses of NSAIDs were the cause. Later, the thought is that it is auto immune, I already have 3 other auto immune diseases. Once you have one, you are highly likely to develop others. So the cause it not really clear, in my case.

Sorry I can’t be encouraging.

Oh no sorry for to hear that. I would say that we should be optimistic in this challenge. I assume one day in our life time they can cure this hopefully.

I haven’t had any injections but I did try the oral. Doesnt seem like it fixed the problem but I was only on them for 8 days. In a dy or two I will be doing some of the injections in my ear. Its day 16 or 18 i forgot since this started but im trying to be open to possibility, Especially since the hearing loss is minor. about 20 30 I think. Hopefully it works

I also had a SSHL a few years ago. Long story short my hearing didn’t return. I now have a CI in that ear. The best thing I ever did was have that ear implanted.
Good luck to you I hope you have success and your hearing returns.

Thank you so much. I hope I can get it back but still optimistic.

This happened to my right before Christmas last year. Lucky me, I got vertigo with my SSHL. Went to emergency, thought I had wax in the ear. No wax so the ER doctor thought it was an ear infection. Getting this during the holidays was the worst. Try getting in touch with an ENT during the holidays, good luck! Since time is of the essence with sudden hearing loss, all ER doctors should be trained to treat hearing loss (where there isn’t a wax blockage) as an emergency. If you can use steroids (I don’t know if the injections in the ear are better than oral intake, my guess would be in the ear), start the course immediately as this is the best course of treatment for reversal. I wasn’t able to get to an ENT until three weeks after onset. This is why the injections didn’t work.

I didn’t wake up without tge hearing loss. Just the fullness in the ear, followed by the vertigo. The hearing would become tinny, mechanical like and go away. This happened again later that day with my ear. It was the vertigo That sent me to the ER. My hearing must have been decreasing during the day. The hearing disappeared during my visit to ER. I had hearing aids, but wasn’t using them. I found a couple of days later that I could hear in my other ear if I used my hearing aid.

My ENT also suggested possible hyperbaric chamber treatments. This can also reverse SSHL if done early, like steroids. Since these tratments weren’t done quickly, my ENT recommended a cochlear implant. After several deLy, I finally had implant surgery on 7/23 and was activated this past Tuesday. The implant works and I understand speech. Eventually your brain can blend ths normal sound with the mechanical sound so that the sound becomes normal. If your heRing doesnt reverse, I would recommend an implant. An audi will test you to see if you’re a candidate.

I love my implant!!!

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Thank you for this. I wish a doctor recommended hyperbaric chamber treatments. My doctor said i didnt need it.

I havent done injections yet but will get them in the right ear either today or monday. Its day 18 so about two weeks and change now. I can hear pretty fine. Fulllness and tinnitus is another thing. Doctor thinksm aybe its not sshl and maybe something else but we shall see. Very frustrating times.

God bless and im glad you came to terms.

Can you add your audiogram? It is common for tinnitus to hang on much longer even when other things resolve. It’s normal for it to fluctuate in volume and in pitch. It’s normal for it to go away and come back again. The best thing you can do right now is to find strategies that help you to ignore it and try not to worry too much about it.

Mmm, there’s some evidence that amplifying the damaged ear asap improves function down the road. It doesn’t sound like the poster has significant hearing loss at this stage (?) so it wouldn’t apply in this case, but putting off a hearing aid may not be the best advice for a more severe loss that is unlikley to recover fully.