Anybody a Lyric with another HA?

I love Lyric’s 24/7 wear and hate to think about giving up hearing at night, but my loss pushes the limits of what Lyrics can correct. I’m thinking the ideal solution for me might be one Lyric and a smarter/stronger powered aid in the other ear. Is anybody out there happy with pairing a Lyric with a higher-end digital aid?
Frequency (Hz): 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Right: 55 50 50 55 50 50
Left: 55 55 60 75 55 60

Oh my, another one.

Most of the high end features require a pair of aids to work. The aids communicate with each other. People who only buy one usually go for the lower level technology because they are not able to justify the cost of the features they cannot use.

No. Its a lot of work for both you and the dispenser, and it rarely works out very well.

Aren’t you right in the fitting range for a Lyric?

HOHKate, and have you been able to try ? We will appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance

Hi, Emre. As others correctly stated, you can only take advantage of higher-end features when you have a pair of matched HAs. I ended up getting KS6’s from Costco – and dealing with not being able to hear at night. The KS6’s are quite comfortable even with custom earmolds and connectivity to my iPhone has enabled me to have phone conversations again.

Thanks for sharing.