Any way to get cheap, discounted widex hearing aids

Is there any way to get discounted hearing aids? I am from Pakistan and its really very expensive hearing aids here. I am currently using widex CIC hearing aids. I want to upgrade with some latest model but the price is really high.

In the US there is a service called TruHearing that could get you a significant discount (maybe $1500-2000 USD). I don’t know if they operate in Pakistan.
Alternatively you could try to buy used RIC HAs on eBay or a similar service and try to convince an audi there to program them for you. Most audis in the US won’t program HAs whatsoever unless you buy them from them. Or maybe you could go to an audi and get an audio gram and then have the seller of the used HAs pre-program them for you.
Or you could buy the necessary equipment on eBay and try to program them yourself.
These are hardly ideal solutions but they might save you thousands of dollars. Good luck.

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You may want to look at “OnlineHearing”. Their website:, says they ship international. Certain HAs they sell allow them to easy program them (Phonak Marvel and others) remotely over the phone. I don’t know if that would apply to international phone calls. Anyway, good luck.