Any tips for use of the Roger Pen?


That’s a bummer you can’t open it.

Yes I am going to get one. Will be a big improvement over the Roger Pen.



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Thank you for all this information on Roger Select, I will save it and will wait to hear when it’s avail in the US. Let us know when you get it how you like it and the cost. Thank you again.



I just got my Roger Pen and can’at find out anywhere if you should recharge it with turning it off or leaving it on. Please anyone respond. Thank you.



Ken, I just got a Roger Pen, not Select, for trial. Can’t find out anywhere if I should recharge it turning it off or leaving it on? Appreciate your comment. I think my audi said to leave it on. When I do my hearing aids beep when I pass through the rechargeable area.



I’ve had a Pen for a number of years. I always charge it with it OFF, I’ve never charged it with it ON.



@Zebras - can I ask you - what do you find the “interview” mode is like? How far can you be from the speaker and have it work? I am a college professor and am interested in getting on for class so I can point it at a question asker or someone speaking if there is a lot of ambient chatter (if we are doing group work, for example). Do you think it would work in this situation? I have the connect clip, but it doesn’t have the interview mode.



@Lopsided I’ve personally have never used the interview side to it. Hopefull someone else will come along and let you know how it is.

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Oh my, I charged all night on my new pen on. I hope nothing went wrong. I truly thank you Zebras for letting me know. I asked my audiologist, but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet.



Another question. My audiologist said I can keep the pen in the charger when not in use. Is this so? It says to charge 2 hrs. I got on the 72 page manual and couldn’t find out. I would think just like a cell phone when it’s charged turn off or use it. What do you do? Appreciate it.



I personally have never left it in the charger as I don’t want it to over heat, over charge or why use more electricity when not needed?



Thank you Zebras. I shall do that.

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I’ve have a Roger Pen that I received with my CI. I purchased the Roger 15 receiver for my Naida Link off eBay for $79 (beats the $800 from an audiologist). I found that the battery life of the Pen with bluetooth enabled was not very good so I never used it for phone calls.

Just got the Roger Select. So far I’m liking it a lot better than the Pen. I do find that in really noisy restaurants that the Roger system does a pretty good job at reducing the background noise. The Roger Select is great because if the auto mode doesn’t, you can always select which mic segment to focus on. Battery life also is significantly better than my Pen.

Only problem with the Select is the price… hope to get the TableMic II for work at some point.



I use the interview mode a lot. I think it would work this way.