Any review:; ReSound Dot 30

I have been looking to purchase the ReSound Dot 30 on line. I was wondering what the consensus was on buying from How about the Dot 30?

I replied to your PM, and posted in the other Dot 30 thread.

Thank you for the information. If you can, let me know how the return goes. I would like to know if Precisehearing is good under those circumstances also. The aids are for my son, and this is the first time we have purchased. What is the problem with persperation, and why is it your other aids do not have the problem. Thanks.

With the Azure that I demo’ed a while back the problem with sweating was that the battery door would let moisture in and the aid would go dead. With the dot 30, the battery door is letting moisture in, but instead of going dead, the dot 30 goes wacky with distorted sounds, etc. With both, it only takes breaking a light sweat to be a problem.

With the Pulse aids, I can be perspiring pretty heavily, and I’ve never had an issue. But I am careful to take them off, dry the case and my ears, and not leave them in a pool of moisture too long.

I ordered tubes and domes from Precise Hearing and found them very helpful. One of the sizes wasn’t available at the time I ordered and they called (which I didn’t expect) to find out if I wanted to wait on the other items on my list until that size came in or whether I wanted each thing sent separately.

I don’t know about ordering hearing aids though.


My very positive experience ordering tubes and domes for my Pulse aids is one thing I considered in buying aids from Others had the same price and same or slightly better terms, but my dealings with made the decision an easy one.