Any recommendations Sound Bars for hearing loss

Hi looking to purchase a sound bar I have a Phonak ComPilot ll hearing aid.
Looking to spend around £125. So looking for any recommendations from anybody
that maybe has a Phonak ComPilot ll hearing aid and uses a sound bar.

Thx in advance


I have a Yamaha. It is several years old and I got it at Amazon on sale for about what you’re thinking. It has a feature called Clear Voice that does improve understanding

I must not be fully awake as I don’t get the connection between wanting to use a sound bar and Compilot II. Seems like you’d be using a streamer with Compilot II. Is the sound bar for somebody else or are there times you don’t want to use Compilot II? You’re ability to understand the TV should be much better using a streamer and Compilot II.

The problem I have is the compilot Has never worked right this is the 2nd one (replacement) have been on to phonak and tried different setups… if it works through sound bar great if it doesn’t well I will have better sound with the sound bar anyway.

Regards Robert i

Hi ken
Thx for reply would you have the model ?


I don’t think a sound bar is going to help any with the Compilot II. For TV, most people on the forum seem happiest with streaming devices, usually with hearing aids with built in Bluetooth. I’m an outlier and just use TV Ears without my hearing aids. TV Ears also makes an over the ear model that could be used with hearing aids. I believe there are also other wireless headphones that could be used with hearing aids.

As I have only the one problem ear I can stream through that ear fine but when volume is up to balance the two ears the voice and lips don’t sync the compilot ear is out of sync … I have tried numerous options with phonak help but no solutions so will just use it as a hearing aid with the sound bar not streaming through the ear piece. Maybe a new tv would be better lol.
Robert j

So you have one hearing aid and you’re trying to stream to one and listen through speakers through the other ear? Sounds like a nightmare. A soundbar with some sort of speech clarifying/emphasizing system might work, but TV speech clarity is notoriously bad with series and movies (news works pretty well) I suspect a good over the ears wireless headphone would be your best sound quality. Good luck, and let us know what you ultimately decide and how it works out.

I have tried several brands and models of soundbars and couldn’t find much difference or improvement over the sound directly from the TV, using Oticon Alta Pro 2 HA’s. I bought a Connect TV and the necessary streamer with pretty good results. I now have Oticon OPN’s and expected to get a Connect TV 3.0 as soon as the Connect Clip was available to stream directly to the Aids (needed for Android access) To my great surprise and pleasure, I do not need to stream audio! The OPN’s are enough alone. Just my experience and your mileage may vary…

I’ve heard good things about this brand:

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Hi Abram
Thx for that interesting will take a proper look later on way out to work.

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even Dolby is good for enhancing speech

Go to a place which has them set up so you can try them. A store with stereos and entertainment equipment should have some. Look for one with enhancement of speech and loud noise reduction. Also look up reviews on places like cnet. They usually detail what features are available.

I just listen via my HAs. No streamer. When watching a movie I like to lie down and relax so I have to take out one aid. I have to turn the tv or aids up a notch to do that.

I don’t think you will find a solution to overcome the delays when using the TVLink/Compilot/Hearing Aid combination. A good quality sound bar or home theater setup may be your only option.

I use the 40" Vizio soundbar as a substitute for my TV speaker and have it set with raised treble and speech settings. It works extremely Weill - especially for understanding dialogue involving mumblers (most TV dialogue in the past 30 years). In really problem TV audio I give up on the speakers and clap on a pair of wireless Sennheiser earphones over my HA’s and turn the speakers at the TV off. My Compilots quit working long ago so no help there.

I purchased the ZVOX sound bar recently and am pleased with it. It is specifically designed and marketed to those of us with difficulty in understanding voices.

The sound quality is far superior to the former soundbar that I had. The ZVOX AV200 also allows individualized adjustments, which I haven’t played with yet. I have been able to obtain good results with the available standard settings.

The price is reasonable, and they have offered periodic sales. It is currently offered for $200 US. See: AccuVoice AV200 TV Speaker With Hearing Aid Technology – ZVOX Audio

Well, we now know what caused @pvc’s hearing loss. :star_struck:

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You guys kill me.

I saw the Zvox ad in the NYT newspaper. Is Zvox better than Phonak tv link or the same in terms of hearing dialogue?

Very pleased with zvox. Good Luck.

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