Any Phonak Audeo Mini V users out there?

Any Phonak Audeo Mini V users out there? I pick mine up next week to see how they will work for me. I have great expectations and hope I’m not dissapointed.

Those of you that have the Mini V, do you like them?


I can’t believe there is nobody using the Audeo Mini on here!!!

The VA has some Audeos on order for me. The one she showed me appeared to be a Mini (no buttons on the aids), but she said mine would have StereoZoom, which I don’t think the Mini’s have so I’m confused. I too have been looking for Mini users on this forum and haven’t found any.

I have a set of mini 5s,had them about 2 months now and love them.Mine has a button on each one that controls the volume.I just run them in auto and dont have the different channels set up.

i believe the reason not many wearers have them is the cost. According to my Audi they are the same price as the Smarts. So for a slight increase in size you get bluetooth optionality and more programability. It seemed unusual to me that Resound would price them the same but thats what i was told.

I bought an Audeo Mini back in March and now, almost July, haven’t been able to take advantage of the device. I get a lot of background sound and little speach. I have been to the audiologist inumerous times and we cannot fine tune this thing.
I have a constant noise from the air conditioning (just air leaving the vents) but cannot understand what my wife is saying. If this is the best I can get from Phonak I will initiate a campaign that they will not believe. For what I paid, I should be able to hear whatever people say well and clearly.

Why the Mini as opposed to the Smart. There is not much difference in size, but my impression is that the Smarts offer more functionality.