Any Oticon Xceed reviews?

Hello! I use a pair of Oticon Dynamo SP8 from 2017, and I feel that it is a time to change for last technologies. Phonak Naida M cannot cover my upper frequencies, so only Oticon Xceed or Dynamo can be my choice. But here is almost no reviews for Xceed. Is here anybody with Xceed? Other question is noticeability when changing to Xceed with bad hearing without high frequencies. Maybe Xceed 1 will not take any difference, and I may try even Xceed 3 or Dynamo SP10? CI will never be my choice so please do not start CI theme.

Look on the search button on this forum. There’s a few reviews on how people like them.

There’s 1 x about the Exceed III UP.

No detailed reviews of the Xceed nor Enzo Q. Hopefully if Phonak comes out with a “power UP” aid later this year - we’ll get more reviews on that new aid. Widex is also rumored to be coming out with a new power aid - could be this year or next.

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nothing yet, I’ll have to call this week about getting this one for new hearing aids (I had enough of people’s BS and the phone too)
and not to mention, I’m missing out on the “internet connected” stuff so… going for this :wink:

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I’ve been trialing Oticon Xceed 1 Power BTE along with several other BTE HAs (Widex Evoke, Phonak Naida Marvel, Resound Enzo Quattro, Signia Motion).

The Oticon has impressed because I hear more with it than all of the other models mentioned. If trying this specific model, you will most likely immediately tell a difference in how many sounds you can hear, from further away. However, you need a good audiologist able to fine tune it to your specific preferences to make speech sound natural and not be overwhelmed by other sources of noise. Mine is not quite there yet, but I have hopes that we’ll get there.

In terms of speech clarity and suppression of other sources of noise while focusing on speech, the Widex Evoke has been the best - but it’s not powerful enough for my hearing loss and I hear less overall with it. I’m not discarding it though because I really like the way it processes speech and we will continue fine tuning it.

I would give both of those a shot and see what you think. If you have any specific questions, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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The short answer is yes. But you’ll have to make an effort to do a little research

So you think that Xceed cannot separate speech and noise as advertised?

My experience with exceed was heavy base for background noise. Many people have said they thought their car was falling apart because of the noises they were receiving through the aids. I didn’t like them and moved on. The heavy bass background was just too overwhelming and not natural sounding.

With proper tuning, it should be able to.

I would also suggest to try the Resound Enzo Quattro, which I am trialing now. The Enzo Quattro and Oticon Xceed have the most power out of the current BTE HAs, IIRC.

675 battery

  • Resound Enzo Quattro: 141/83
  • Oticon Xceed UP 142/83

13 battery

  • Oticon Xceed SP 139/79
  • Widex Evoke 135/68
  • Phonak Naida Marvel 133/75

If you have severe to profound hearing loss, the first two will probably have the best results for you - but I would try the Widex too - if it’s powerful enough for you, you will probably like the way it sounds and processes speech.

So Xceed really has not noise reduction for simple noise… only for speech in noise. This can be a big problem. I will temporarily turn off noise reduction in my Oticon Dynamo to explore this problem.

I didn’t say it doesn’t have noise reduction. What I said is I didn’t like how the priority program handled background noise