Any other options for my hearing loss range?

I 'm trying Siemens Centra Active, good but not perfect. I’m still testing the nosy environment reduction program, and I’m still not getting the right tune. I guess after a few more tweaks I might get it better. The biggest problem for me is it can’t work with bluebooth. The telephone mode of Siemens isn’t really good for understanding the speech over the phone.

I also tried Phonak MicroPower IX, just doesn’t work for me. high & low frequency sound is overwhelming, unclear speech and un-natural sound.

Can anyone give me suggestions that fulfill my expectation?
I look for thin wire tube, working w bluetooth, natural sound, good environment noise reduction. I know I might ask for too much but I just try to see if I can get the best possible choice. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

My hearing loss range is
250 500 1K 2K 4K 6K 8K
L: 50 60 75 70 65 85 70
R: 50 75 80 80 70 85 100

Check out the Oticon website for there new hearing aid called Epoch. It is supposed to be blue tooth compatible. It appears that you can also get it with open fitting.:smiley:

My audie said Epoq is not powerful enough for me. But I check Siemens website Centra Active the coverage hearing loss audiogram is quite similar to Epoq’s . Should I ask my audie to let me try? Or will it just waste of the time to try?