Any news from Oticon?

Resound has introduced One, and Phonak introduced Paradise. But Oticon published only some articles about BrainHearing. Does this mean that there will be no new hardware products this year?

If Oticon has anything coming out it will be annouced more than likely about the first of October. I have heard that the ON app will get a make over about the first of October so that may be in line with something new from Oticon. If not this October then it will be in the Spring.

I know about Oticon releases in every October and April. But Xceed was released in August 2019.

Xceed was just a addition to the OPNS series of aids.

that’s not right. It is a Velox S instrument but that’s about it.

Xceed is the OPNS processor with the needed firmware to be a sp, or up device, it still used the same MFI and app, and added devices. There is nothing new as far as technology goes

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