Any News About Direct Methanol Fuel Cell for Widex?



I have been researching the Danish Technology Institute (not certain that I got the name correct) collaboration with Widex to create a fuel cell energy source. The fuel cell runs on methanol. Supposedly good for a few days run. Then insert HA into “fueling station” and within less than 30 seconds get a new “spritz” of methanol into the HAs. Apparently, Widex will officially announce the fuel cells on May 1. Does anybody have more info about this development?


…looks at date on bottom of screen…nope not April 1st…um…what? Seriously?

So I looked things up. Wow. It is serious. It’s the Danish Technical Institute. Apparently it’s been going on since 1999. This article even mentions Oticon. Here too.


There’s a recent video interview posted on this forum of a Widex rep who talked about the Widex Evoke and the new fuel cell technology that’s supposed to be just a few months away from introduction. He did say the charging time is under a minute.

The question is whether it’s economically viable compared to regular Zinc Air batteries or not?


Thanks Volusiano. About 4:50 into this video (I’ve queued it up to that point). He seems to say mere seconds for the refill.


Where does the water go?


Same place the sweat goes :rofl:


“good for a few days run”. How long is a few days?


Check out this news from CES: