Any micro bte's out there for this hearing?!?

I have been wearing siemens phoenix 303 model for past 5 years now, I have hearing loss in both ears and due to vanity, I wear only in right ear.

however now I am getting married and I want to hear everything. so i will wear both…but i want the micro bte’s

which hearing aids will work for this hearing loss??

by the way I do not have any speech problems except I sometimes do not pronounce my S’s

You could try the Oticon rite power, but I dont even think it will work on you
given the fact you got a conductive loss on the high freq,
I can really see the audiogram…

You can try a pair of Phonak Audeo YES with Power receiver. The combination of Power Receiver and SoundRecover might suit you.

AUDEO YES which model though? the behind the ear micro or regulur?

I am still learning how to read my audiogram :frowning: how did you figure out my hearing loss is conductive?

The AUdeo YES is a micro BTE only and comes in 3 price ranges the III, V and IX. The larger the roman numerical indicates higher tech and higher price.

The conductive portion of your hearing loss is the difference between the X (left) and O (right air conduction or earphone) and the <(right bone conduction) and >(left bone conduction). So basically you heard better through bone conduction (through the skull bypassing any blockages (or conductive hearing loss components) than air conduction (which measures hearing through the ear canal, middle ear and inner ear simultaneously). So you basically have a mixed hearing loss, which consists of part blockage (the difference between air and bone conduction) and part nerve or sensory neural hearing loss (as indicated by the best thresholds of bone still being below normal). It is possible that the high frequency conductive component is due to collapsed ear canals or only in one ear as no bone conduction masking was performed.

this was really helpful as it has given me insight on my hearing loss. This whole time I was under the impression that my hearing loss was completely sensoneural. I had surgery for tonsilitis at 5 years old and then lost my hearing at age 6… I was hearing fine before that… so it may be possible after effect from the tonsilitis? who knows but I am going to get a diagnosis done by an ENT again so I can better understand this. I am 23 years old right now …so its time I learn about this

also is it strange that although I have hearing loss in both ears and I wear hearing aid in just right ear…but I talk on phone in left ear and hear as normal hearing people do??

I would NOT SAY you have a dead region, given the fact your loss might have a conductive component there is a good chance this are is still usuable. Therefore, Sound Recover
would not be appropiate. I would make sure to try a good power instrument…

Something i found out about the Phonak Naida today. Phonak does not advertise fitting micro tubes on this instrument. But yes they do have open fit type micro tubes that fit nicely where the hook attaches. This power instrument is just as discreet as any micro product from the front and sides. Much more price competitive to the Oticon Epoq’s and at the same price as comparative Phonak products. The Naida SP is not all that bigger than a micro product like the Phonak Nios.
Was quoted $2000 for the Naida V. Comes with the usual perks you get from a reputable Audiologist

The audiogram is too incomplete to say which ear the conductive component is in (no masking!) plus you are unlikely to get so much HF gain after 3-4KHz from most aids, thus SR can help make those higher frequencies more aidable (remember it is adjustable as to which frequencies you want to include). Plus SR has been shown to have benefits for milder losses as well as dead regions.The original question also relates to which small BTE would suit his hearing loss.

I would suggest getting an ENT evaluation which should give you more complete results.

Just stay away from siemens.
As you see they have already suggested to you Oticon and Phonac.

Thank you for bringing this to light. I immediately went to the Phonak site and after much downloading, I found that the Exelia Art can also be fitted with a slim tube and tip.
My audiologist had told me, when questioned, that the only way to wear them was with a mold and the thicker tube. It was because of the discomfort on my left side where I had previously had surgery, that I took the Exelias back and am trying the SMarts.
I fear that there may not be enough “grow into” gain leftover for the future with the SMARTS for me. :confused: Thanks for sharing this…I shall ask my audiologist about the easier fitting of the microtube again.

Here we have Patrick posting lately who has a more difficult audiogram (not considering other factors) than us, using the YES with success.
I still want to trial a CRT power receiver.
I have been using the Nios MicroTube/SlimTips but want to try a power product like you, for a lasting instrument in case hearing gets worst and also to see if attenuating the highs with more gain would be better.
And so did my Audie… when i walked into the office he said He wanted to experiment. So He attached the Micro tubes which are designed for the Versattas and Exelias (i believe?) to a Naida SP. Perfect fit and strong coupling. Attached them to my SlimTips and tested fitting on my ear, then adjusted to a smaller length to get the instrument positioned.
So next week i am demoing duo black Naida SP V’s with the micro tubes.

Good luck to you.

I am anxious to hear your results with this set-up too.

Good luck

My appt. Was thurs nov 18. Unfortunitely my left slimtip had a tear in it and need to order new one. Think it was my fault it tore. Cause I handled it rough once or twice.

Will be at least another week I am sorry to say but I Will post results.

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Starkey S-series RIC’s would work fine for this loss. You could eaisly wear CIC’s as well.

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have you considered trying the Phonak MicroPower? It has a powerful receiver in a small body. I would actually advise not utilizing an open fit system because feedback would be your worst enemy.

The fact that you have mixed high frequency hearing loss either means a couple things:

  1. get a hearing aid powerful enough to overcome the conductive component (power hearing aid) and sacrifice cosmetics
  2. get a hearing aid that will us frequency compression (i.e. sound recover) to avoid amplifying the high frequencies.

I would be interested to know what your audie had to sat about your slim tube set up.
I am waiting to get fitted with a Naida SP and slim tubes and will report here somewhere.

The Nadia might be a good one for the poster, as mentioned the power and Sound Recover might be exactly what he needs. I just purchased a set of Naida V SP aids for their water resistance, power and sound recover. I plan to use them with slim tubes and either open domes or tulip domes. I am fortunate my hearing loss is not too bad and can use slim tubes and domes. I am getting great help from John Mallon at Precise Hearing with needed items to set these aids up.

Good Luck

so i got a bone masking test done too and it turns out my hearing loss is sensorneural and not conductive… anyways so I have been told I can go for siemens pure 700 ric P model… or audeo by phonak… I am leaning more towards the pure model as I am quite satisfied with service by siemens… but the audiologist says I need an ear mold done with deep impression…

any word on pure?