Any Experiences with Oticon Epoq RITE P?

Has anyone has had experinces with the Epoq RITE P? I would love to hear your thoughts.


I have fitted quite a few. However, I have seen the new Power #13
and it is as small (1.6mm bigger)- pack with the same features…
I prefer this as it has higher MPO

Other than that both instruments are premium so they perform
well. This is a good choice.

What model has the #13 battery? Can you provide a link?


I have the Rite P’s and they are everything I could hope for. They do have the #13 battery.

rite power is Batery 312

here U go

Thanks. It would be nice to have longer battery life. I wonder Oticon offers it in Canada yet? How is it in the low end frequencies compared to the RITE P?

the #13 has a higher MPO, this is usefull (at least for me) when fine tuning an instrument specially when U do use speech mapping…

Do ask Ur audi to perform a Speech map on your aids

I have had one XW for about 3 months. It has helped my high frequency loss in the left ear.

Just last weekend, I stayed at a hotel with a high waterfall in the atrium and noticed something new when when around the waterfall. The HA would cycle about every 20-30 seconds between allowing all the waterfall noise to blocking out some of it (higher frequency part?). It did not turn off and restart. The HA was otherwise normal and no problems since then.

Has anyone else experienced this with the Epoq or others? My son says it may have considered the waterfall as background noise and was trying to filter it out. My next appt with the Audi is in 3 months and unless it repeats, I will probably wait to discuss this episode.

what you might be experiencing is the Binarual wireless feedback canceller.
You see one aid asks the other aid, are you having this highfrequency noise if the other says yes I do, then there the feedback canceler would not work
otherwise the feedback canceler do kick in…

does this make sense?

I have the XW and i do notice this at times. You would think that both aids would pick that up and not have the feedback canceler kick in ?

Since both aids are not tuned the same due to hearing loss differences . My left ear loss is much greater than my right ear. Would it be fair too say that when the other aid asks Binarualaterly " are you having this highfrequency noise " the answer is not what you want because of this hearing disparity ?

the idea is clever in principle, if both ears are detecting a high frequency noise for example a very high pich violin for example any instrument would treat such noise as feedback and it would try to block it.
Unlike Phonak, Oticon works with AI- in that the instrument has only one base program and the choice for which directional mode it will apply is decided by which features yields the best sinal to noise ratio.
That said, if one instruments senses a signal that might be mistaken for feedback it ask the other are you having this same pitch (i dont think it is based on intensity rather than frequency) if both are having the same noise like then feedback canceller would not work. If one has and the other doesnt
then the feedback canceller would kick in.

the idea is good but it needs refinement…