Any experience/recommendations for Costco in Philly area?

Hi everyone. HA virgin here. This forum is AWESOME. Thx in advance.

I’ve had mild hearing loss since childhood, but just now (age 64) doing something about it, as it’s gotten progressively worse (shocking, rite?)

Mom was hard of hearing, and 2 older brothers have hearing aids, so it’s a family thing it seems.

In general, I’m in very good health. I eat well and exercise regularly.

I went to an ENT, who examined me and then sent me to their audiologist (same bldg.) to get tested. Here are the results.

Freq - 250 - 500 - 750 - 1K - 2K - 3K - 4K - 6K - 8K
– R – 20 – 50 - 55 - 55 - 60 - 60 - 60 - 65 - 75
– L – 10 – 35 - 40 - 45 - 55 - 60 - 70 - 80 - 85


  • R 50
  • L 30
    [FONT=Courier New]
    WRS / SRS 1 % – dB HL - [m]
    --------- R 88 - 95 ---- [65]
    --------- L 92 - 70

PTA AI (%)
---- R 17
---- L 34

After the above test results, he sent me for an MRI, which came back negative.

Audiologist is recommending Oticon Vera2 Pro MiniRight, at $4400/pair, and I’m not feeling comfortable, because… 1) This is the only brand suggested, with little discussion of features, and 2) the price seems high, based on many posts on this forum.

My insurance (Aetna) DOES cover hearing aids, up to $3K every 3 years. (I think that’s an In-Network amount.)

So… My next stop is Costco, based on numerous recommendations. I plan to give them my test results, and see what they recommend.

Does anyone have experience with Costco in the Philadelphia area, and can recommend a particular location and/or individual?

The Costco’s within range are (in order of closest): King of Prussia, Montgomeryville, Warminster, Mt. Laurel (not convenient), Pottstown (not convenient either, but better than Mt. Laurel NJ).

Of course, any other suggestions / feedback would be graciously accepted :slight_smile:

Thx all!!

I went to the Costco in Montgomeryville and had a positive experience. They will want to test your hearing - it’s FREE. But bring your results along to compare. Search my thread Heading to Costco

Just be careful with the insurance as you may end up paying more going to Costco (??) - Trax 42 were $2600. KS6 are $1800.

Ok so… An update…

I picked up my Kirkland Signature’s this past Sunday. So far I’m very happy w the HAs, the service and the price. I’ve had them in all day, every day since Sunday and I’m pleasantly surprised by the hearing improvement and the convenience. I actually forget I have them in most of the time except for certain sounds that are Much louder now (key clicks on my PC keyboard are really loud). I’m shocked at how ez the adjustment has been and so glad I finally took the plunge. I have them sync’ed w my iPhone 6 and love that too.

One complaint…

I also got the ReSound Phone Clip +. I’m very addicted to hands free phone calling, so it seemed this was a must. This has been a disappointment. The problems have been…

  • The microphone is bad. Those on the other end of my calls have complained of very poor sound. This has been true whether it is clipped to my t shirt below my chin or even if I hold it in front of my mouth.

  • On some occasions I can’t hear the other person, though they can hear me.

  • Some times I have trouble getting them connected to the iPhone. Yesterday I had to reboot the phone and re-pair them before thy would re-sync w the iPhone.

I plan on swapping it for a new one, in case I just got a lemon, but I’m wondering if any others have had similar experiences or have suggestions.