Any evidence of bluetooth & health risks?

Research has shown that cell phone use increases health risks. I read where there is a possibility of developing brain tumors caused by emitted electromagnetic radiation . Diseases such as cancer to Alzheimer’s may develop due to such exposure. Experiments in Finland, Sweden have shown this to be true.

A study in Sweden showed that the people using mobiles phones had a 30% higher rate of brain tumors compared to persons who preferred some other form of communication. Considering these health risks, it is always advisable to keep the phone set away from your ear.

My question, does anyone know for sure about Bluetooth products. Do they emit any sort of similar radiation? Mostly what I find are industry press releases and study’s. Unfortunately, I trust them about as much as I did the tobacco industry’s.

My concern is the “in the ear” bluetooth devices. They are awful close for an awful long time. Currently I use a “wired” ear piece to keep the cell phone away from my head.

Any radio frequency transmitter radiates. Bluetooth earpieces are very low power and do not concern ME.

I’ve researched much, and am not satisfied with the information I have found. I do not THINK that any HA has any Bluetooth receiving capability itself. I’m 99+% sure that none have Bluetooth transmitting capability.

What I understand (and someone please confirm or correct, with authoritative citations) is that the “older” technology used to synchronize L&R has been adapted to receive the same (some say FM, some say telecoil equivalent) frequencies and those are converted from Bluetooth by the neck pendant. That communication is receive only. Your speech, AIUI, is picked up by the pendant. It is the pendant that is paired and that you use to answer and hang-up the phone.

With the small cells, and the several hundred hour capacity, I cannot fathom there is enough RF energy that could be generated to hurt anything. If I tried to power a BT transceiver, I bet life would be well under a day. The rechargeable LiON cells used in the BT earpieces are significantly higher energy capacity than even a 625.

Interesting topic…keeps coming up. I wasn’t aware of the negative research that has gone on with cell phone use, in fact I’d only heard the opposite. However…Bluetooth, wi-fi, microwave ovens, some cordless phones, some cell phones all operate on the same frequency, i.e. the sort that warms water molecules. For Bluetooth the signal strength is only good for a maximum of 30 feet as opposed to cell phones. Microwave ovens cause interference too which shows how much they leak. Our constant exposure to emag radiation is immense no matter where we go. One question that concerns me more is what is the likelihood of someone who is using a cell phone whilst driving killing me through inattention and careless driving. I’m also amazed by the number of people who spend all day walking around with their Bluetooth headsets permanently glued to their ears whether they are using it or not - infection possibility!

Cell phones have a lot more power. If they’re anywhere near my computer they cause its audio to make noise. That’s a lot of power!

In the case of the Siemens bluetooth devices, the part that attaches to your ear technically isn’t even bluetooth, and is even lower power than bluetooth. The Tek Connect device is bluetooth. Anyway, I view that as being even better than a bluetooth headset because of the lower power and because I don’t think the Siemens headsets do much transmitting of much of anything (just status when requested as far as I know).