Any difference between Supero and Oticon Sumo?

I have an appointment with my audiologist tomorrow and was researching the internet for the best available hearing aid for my hearing loss. I have severe-profound hearing loss in my right ear and no hearing in my left ear. Has anyone experienced using the Oticon Sumo? I’m also thinking of getting the Phonik Ear’s Lexis FM system as it’s compatible with the Sumo? What do you think? Are there better hearing aids for my type of loss? I’m currently wearing the Phonak Supero and have not been too happy with it.

The hot super-power aid right now is the Phonak Naida. Much better than the older Supero but also by Phonak. Ask your Audiologist about it.


IF you have a lexis, you can use a sumo. I have fitted a lot of children
with excelent results. I must say, I prefer the Sumo over the supero
But the new Naidia should be superior… I would also suggest you to try
the new Unitron 360 which looks better than the naidia (Unitron software is superior to phonak)

:slight_smile: Thanks for the info regarding the Unitron 360. If the Sumo doesn’t work out I will definitely give the 360 a try. I tried the Naida and didn’t like it. It was too echo-y and actually I was hearing more noises than speech especially in crowded places. My audiologist didn’t know what she was doing after I made repeat trips to get it adjusted so I gave up on the Naida. However, Naida did work for a friend of mine but she lives too far away for me to see her audiologist. I have since changed audiologists and am looking forward to trying the Sumo with the Amigo T10 FM


I suspect the 360/360+ is a great value SP aid. I also like the Unitron software but it’s not much different from Phonak… it’ s just a matter of what you are accustomed (comfortable) with.

I would recommend that you try the 360/360+ instrument but not under the premise that the technology is better. Phonak put a lot more technology in the Naida V. Then again the price is probably better on the 360+.

Please make sure that you’re Audiologist uses probe mic or speech mapping at the first-fit. If they do not have / or are not comfortable with these output measures… find someone who is. That step, in my not-so-humble opinion, seperates the amateurs from the professionals.

there is an integrated Fm boot for the sumo, it is small