Any custom programs I should request? - Phonak Audeo P90 Paradise

I just had my Phonak P90 Audeo Paradise aids fitted by my audi and they work well. I have paired a Roger Select iN for work which I’ll primarily use connected to my Thinklabs One stethoscope.
I don’t have any custom programs yet, but I return for tweaking in a month. At that time I could ask her to create some custom programs for me.

What are your favorite custom programs and why?

Hi, same models I am having from last two weeks, i made some customs according to noisy environment but not helpfull, one thing I notice their battery door is so hard to open is yours one is also same situation. i talked to audi she say all are same they comd like this .Just curious is it only mind or all have.

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I have had P90 Audeo Paradise rechargeable for about5 months.

Long story–I have an audiologist who went to bat for me and was successful.

One major problem for me is the darn wax guards. I am old, with limited dexterity. About one time in 3 I end up botching the installation of the little wax guards. And they block the speaker. Then I have trouble hearing…right now I have one I can’t take apart. I’ll see my audiologist…

Has anyone found a solution for this? I think it’s an awful design.

Programs–I tried the programs that come with the hearing aids. I had my audiologist make some changes.

He adjusted the music program. He boosted low and mid frequencies. He expanded the listening range so I might detect speakers to the side, as well as directly in front. Then he set this program as the start-up program.

I had him adjust thautomatic program in a similar away.

Finally, I got a Phonak remote control so I could control my hearing aid programs with it.

And–he upgraded the operating system for the hearing aids. That way they remember the program I was using after I leave the App.

I’m frustrated though…wondering what other changes I can have him make.


On Facebook, people are saying that the system for wax guards, just doesn’t work. The old type of wax guards on a stick works a lot better but can’t be used with the newer Aids.

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Only programs I have is a manual Speech in Loud Noise program and a telecoil program. Don’t need any other programs.

Last meek I mutilated one of the receivers trying to take out a wax guard that was askew. It took 5 days to get an appointment to see my audi. (Great respect for him.)

Hint: Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 R’s…need to get a wax guard out that’s stuck? Use a sewing needle. Stick it in the little tiny hole and pull the guard out. It’s easy. I’m too soon old, too late smart.

I’m 75. Far-sighted. Need reading glasses. And a head lamp. Then I have a chance getting the darn wax guards in. These abominations were designed by young folk who still have dexterity and good eyesight.
(My audi called PHONAK here in town…near Toronto Canada. He talked to someone there while I listened. This was about 2 months ago. Person said they have had no complaints.)

Zebras thanks so much for your post.

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I’m still having trouble with the P90 waxguards. However, I’ve found out how to get them out when the disk method won’t work. I get a small sewing needle. Jam it in the jammed wax guard. It pulls out the little wax guard very well.

Hope this helps someone.


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I have a custom Music program, besides the auto one. This one is manually selected for when I am in a quiet space like my office or room. It has way more bass and less high-end treble. As being an x-DJ, I fine-tuned by HA’s like an Audio EQ.

Then there is my Custom Workshop program, which has the overall volume turned down 20dB for safety reasons (I can not wear normal hearing protection)

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I have 3 programs set.

Speech in 360 set to activate left with left button and right with right. Good for walking with a companion in noise.

Speech in loud noise (with mods to the volume of the stereo zoom) so I can walk into loud areas ready to roll rather than at the mercy of Autosense.

The Phonak supplied Mask program with Speech Enhancer set to max. This works for me for direct TV sound dialogue when I can’t use the TV streamer.

It’s also worth knowing that Autosense can be set to switch faster or more slowly (the range is 10-35 seconds). Factory default is in the middle of the range. I did not like walking into a loud space overwhelmed and then about 20 seconds later going dark.

The main message is there is a ton of customisation available.

I was concerned when I got my Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R’s…reason? I can’t see what program I am in unless I use my cell phone. This is a step backwards. I have an iPhone and an iWatch. I’m used to working within bluetooth range of my phone. I have a Phonak Remote Control. Same issue…what program am I in?

I’m part way to resolving this problem.

Question…when the hearing aids change programs, how long does that take? When I go from my relatively quiet home and go outside where i’m in the airport flight path, how long does it take for the Phonak to change programs?

It depends on what you get set up In Target. Between Very slow (35sec) to Very fast (10sec)

That’s so helpful.

I think that’s what causes me problems at home when I’m watching tv, and my wife is in the same room and talks to me…
She typically is about 8 feet away, and to my right and slightly behind me.
Speech focus may not include that sector…if I read the App right. And “Noise Restriction” is strong; about 1/2 . “Speech Focus” is restricted.

It may be “Selective Hearing” on my part, but I don’t think so.

I have an unused Phonak TV streamer. I can’t get to the back of the tv to install it, and haven’t. I have a concern, not addressed, that if I use the streamer I’ll hear the TV very well, but have trouble hearing my wife in the room.

That’s how quick each program changes in AutoSense.

That’s not how quick you change each program in the App or remote control etc.

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This is an issue with everyone unless you use the App.

You have to remember the order of your programs really.

When I was struggling to remember the order of the programs, I had a laminated card attached to my remote control to tell me. Now I don’t need it.

A long time ago with older Phonaks, there used to be a remote called myPilot that had a screen and told you what program you were in. That was really good. Not sure why other newer Phonak remote controls are not like that?

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I’m so grateful I have the hearing aids I have. I had Phonak B70’s for about 3 years and had real issues.

The Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R’s are working better for me. However, I get comments from SWMBO that they aren’t set up right. That’s when I don’t respond to what she’s said…it’s not selective hearing.

I used the Music Program for a while; at my request that’s the “turn-on” program for my hearing aids. Since then I’ve saved and adjusted or enhanced Auto program. That’s my second program. So I can get to it readily when I remember to…

My enhanced “Automatic with Clarity” program has boosted Treble, Mid, but reduced base. Volume is adjusted to prevent feedback. Noise Reduction is turned off. Speech Focus is set at about 220 degrees…

Yet my Better Half still says they’re not set up right.

My response is to take the wax guards and domes off. About 1/2 the time I’ve found that the wax guards are not centred in the receiver because I was clumsy putting them in, or taking the dome off. The wax guards … oh my they are terrible for me to install and remove.

So…observing my use habits—I use my hearing aids about 17 hours a day. I want to use the automatic program. Why would I have these hearing aids if I don’t use the intelligence built in?

Finally, if I had known about the little tiny wax guards I would have pushed for another make of hearing aids (mine were specially provided to me due to concern about safety using my old hearing aids)

Like other streaming programs, you can mix how much you hear the stream source from almost all to almost none. When I am listening to music for pleasure by myself, I mix the mics right out. When I am in a situation where I need to recognize someone talking to me, I mix it neutrally. It is easy to change on the HAs via the buttons. My “volume mode” changes to mix vs. actually changing the volume. I’d use the HAs to change the mix, and the buttons on the streamer to change volume.


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Thanks WH!

much appreciated

Thanks your comment really helps me.

I hoped that the change in programs was instant.
My new iPhone SE is much quicker than my old one was. I used to get tones all the time with Waze.

Now my word processing seems terrible. It’s almost like not being able to hear. Time to call the audi I think.

I wish I knew how to tweak the programs so I could just leave my hearing aids alone! And hear! And understand.