Any Comments on Audibel Virture Series

I am in the market for a new set of Hearing Aids. I need to know if anybody out there is familiar with the Audibel Virture Series (in the canal type). I got tested yesterday and would like a pair of top of the line aids, but $5,200.00 is a heck of a price to pay unless they perform greatly and then they will be worth every dime. Also they claim to be able to set these with computer and also reset it as your hearing gets worse. After wearing one Phonax analog for more years than I can remember I am trying to get away from the constant having to adjust volume and hearing everybody in the restaurant except the people sitting at the table with me. Any Comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in Advance!

Audibel is owned by Starkey and they have been making hearing aids for many many years and are based in Minnesota. I have also dispensed their hearing aids in the past and they certainly have good products also.

There is a dispenser on this forum who is an Audibel dealer and he can give you more details.

I currently use Phonak and Sonic Innovations, both of which have great products also.

The main thing is that you work with a competent professional and get the level of service that satisfies you. It will also be best if your professional has a procedure that he/she follows to verify each hearing aid, using aided speech discrimination tests, Hearing in Noise tests and/or speech mapping/real ear measurements.

For details on these tests that should be performed with every hearing aid fitting, do a search of these terms on this forum.

Wishing you the best!

Thank You Very Much for the info!

I think I might be that dispenser Admin was talking about!

Audibel make a Virtue 2, 4, 8, 12 and 16 in an ITC format. You said top of the line and that would be the 16.

It’s not been out a long time, so top of the line could have been the 12 back when you posted this question.

In either case the Virtue line is outstanding. You can look it up on the Audible web site or look it up on the Starkey web site under the name Destiny. For marketing reasons they add ‘00’ to the end of the name. So a Virtue 2 is a Destiny 200 and so on. But it is an identical aid.

I used to dispense aids in England, for the two largest hearing aid companies in the country. Both were independent, so I got to play around fitting a lot of different brands of aid. I became a huge Starkey fan since their customer service was so good, and the aids so advanced.

Audibel is owned fully by Starkey, and has over 1,000 offices around America. It’s an all American company with the owner and founder of the company still running it today.

In the part of the country I live, there are plenty of job openings for my profession. Most of the folks with a license work towards the other end of the state. But I choose to remain with Audibel because I 100% believe in what they make.

If you are fitted correctly with a Virtue, I think you will be very happy. If you can afford the 12 or the 16, then know you are getting one of the best hearing aids money can buy. The price you were quoted sounds competitive too.

My Mother purchased Virtue 12 hearing aids in 2006, at a cost of over $5500- for the pair. To put it delicately they were the worst pieces of garbage, and never worked properly for her; after numerous adjustments. The salesmen are smooth operators who will tell you anything to make you feel great “oh don’t you look lovely today”, “what a nice suit you’re wearing today” etc. etc… Even kiss your hand, literally! This goes on until the aids are no longer under the free repair contract, and then they tell you (head office) that the aids are not their problem, but the person who sold them to you. Since then my Mother bought new hearing aids for under $2000- which work far better. Nothing is 100%, but at least 80% now. With those costly Audibels, she was lucky if she had 20% hearing. So up to you, pay triple the price if you want to, but if I reach the point of needing hearing devices myself, I’d NEVER buy Audibel.

Louise; With all due respect; we all know that everyone is entitled to their “opinions” and we all know that opinions are like rear-ends as everyone certainly has one, yet in this world that we live in, theirs the Good & Bad seesaw in EVERYTHING and some people can buy the exact same item and model be it a vehicle, electronic item and etc. and one can get the Good while the other unfortunately gets the Bad or the so-called LEMON and that’s how Opinions were generated and differ.

My 82 year old mom basically wanted to die after countless visits to specialists,
until we Thankfully found the Virtue 16, as she was sadly told that she has irreversible nerve damage and was unfortunately “not a candidate for hearing aids”, as she has only 20% of hearing remaining and me being definitely not a quitter and only through extensive research, which I always try to do, did I learn that a hearing aid is only as good as the required audiologist who’s sizing, fitting & adjusting it for you.

I’m truly glad that you found the right hearing aids for your beautiful & precious mom
, yet to make a blanket statement that Audible’s hearing aids are inferior is a very wrong and very generalized situational statement to make, as they have been nothing short of
a GOD send for my mom and believe me when I tell you & others that;
you can’t sell me with hand kisses, tea & beverages or BS lines at all, yet I speak from hard cold fact and what I learned in life is that there are three sides to every story; yours theirs & the truth and the truth is; My mom has been reborn again with the Virtue 16’s and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or numbers to see how much greater she’s thankfully hearing with them and all of + 60% worth and believe me when I say; NOTHING can ever make someone like they once were, yet mom, I & all are just so very grateful for Audible and the great effort they bring forth to help make someone’s life & existence a hopefully bit better.

In closing; Wandering minds may think that I’m affiliated with Audible for my statement, which I’m definitely & truthfully not and which also reverts back to the aforementioned “opinions” and I for one definitely don’t & didn’t want this to revert to a pissing contest as well, yet I merely wanted people to have enough information so they can then make their own calculated decision.



Sorry it’s AUDIBEL